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Beijing Shengtang|2023 Wall Street series launched

Redefining Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, not just luxury!

In recent years, traditional cars and off-road vehicles can no longer satisfy people’s choice of travel comfort, and MPV business models have become the first choice for high-end people. Various brands have successively produced mpvs. Among them, Mercedes-Benz, known as the “inventor of the car”, has launched a V-series model that is more popular among consumers.

As a result, the private customization of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles set off a wave of heat. It also promoted the vigorous development of the modification industry in China. Beijing Shengtang Automobile has stood out in the Chinese refitting market. Since 2006, it has been 16 years since then. It has grown from a small store with a few hundred square meters to a large factory with an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Then branch factories in many regions, including Shanghai Shengtang, Chengdu Shengtang, etc., with a total of 7 branches across the country. Focus on the research and development, production, sales and service of high-end cars, provide customers with nationwide joint insurance, and achieve real worry-free after-sales.

At the end of 2022, when the entire industry is in a relatively sluggish state, Beijing Shengtang Automobile has launched a new product for 2023: the Huaer Street series products, which are manufactured with absolute ingenuity and precision, bringing users luxury, enjoyment and perfection. New travel experience.


There are three models in the whole series, namely: [Wall Street · First Avenue]; [Wall Street · Second Avenue]; [Wall Street · Third Avenue].

The designer is inspired by Wall Street in New York, the place where “money never sleeps” and the trading center of the largest financial market in the richest country in the world. Any disturbance will shake the storm field of the entire world economy, and it is also the place where the richest people in the world are concentrated. According to the change of luxury on Wall Street and the collision of cultures, the designer takes the seven-seat Mercedes-Benz business car series as the carrier and fully integrates western elements and surreal elements.




Business Class on Land – Upgraded Bright Envelope/Triumph Envelope, seamlessly fits the original car, upgraded with high configuration, just to present brilliant art, integrates high-tech intelligent light control system, realizes intelligent interaction with the outside world, and guarantees safe travel every time convoy. The overall car light design is perfectly integrated with the body lines, and you can enjoy the luxury and kingly atmosphere.



[Wall Street First Avenue] Official selling price: 1.18 million yuan

There are three colors of rice gray, rice blue, and rice dumplings. The high-end aviation first-class seat has eight modes, and the front and rear positions, lumbar support arc, headrest height, footrest height, etc. can be adjusted arbitrarily, allowing passengers to find the most comfortable position and deeply feel the comfort of first-class land. Get in and out of the car freely, and there is no sense of restraint between the seats. Equipped with a panoramic sunroof, the air in the car is always fresh and has a wide field of vision. The rotating seat creates a variety of interactive spaces and increases the comfort of the journey.

[Wall Street·Second Avenue] Official selling price: 1.28 million yuan

“Zero-gravity” aircraft carrier seats (exported to Europe and the United States); high-end flip screens; the cockpit design that surrounds the queen continues the advanced configuration of the Mercedes-Benz S-class, adding a sense of wrapping the overall space in the car; atmosphere lights, marquee lights, and ceiling lights interpret the luxurious The elegance, magnificence, taste, fashion and vitality of El Street Avenue are highly recognizable.



[Wall Street·Third Avenue] Official selling price: 1.28 million yuan

All-gilt work (rose gold); around the theme of “Wall Street”, an allegorical land of silver spoons and golden parachutes. Global limited edition color scheme (rear and front mix); bold and flamboyant to express the owner’s self-confidence, modernity and elegance. Ventilated, heated and massaged “space” seats are designed to fit ergonomics perfectly, as if sitting on a cloud.

The birth of the Wall Street series instantly broke the simplification of traditional MPV, introduced high-end technology and trendy design, and made commercial vehicles more youthful. It has also won the recognition and acceptance of more investment bank elites and rich people. In particular, the “Big Three on Wall Street” have penetrated into the lives of people all over the world. There are many general management offices of monopoly organizations and financial institutions located here, synonymous with American chaebols. It means that users who choose it can dominate the business field, stand at the highest point in the world as soon as possible, and everything is under control.

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