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A2Restoration Offers Water Damage Solutions, Mold Remediation Services In Ann Arbor, Michigan

A2 Restoration is an Ann Arbor-based that offers fire and water damage solutions, mold remediation and carpet cleaning services to commercial and residential clients. Their expertise, vast experience and advanced equipment to enable them to provide the best service to their valued customers. The company wishes to draw the attention of water damage and the dangers of mold infestation, recently their experts shared useful information on the subject.

Water damage and mold are interrelated problems that should not be ignored, especially after the occurrence of flood, because just a few inches of water logged in a property has the potential to cause structural damage to the building, furniture and also provides a breeding ground of serious problems like mold.

Explaining what mold is and its causes, the A2 Restoration spokesperson said: “Mold is a living organism known as fungi.  It can be found anywhere in Michigan – indoors and outdoors.  There are thousands of different species and mold grows best in damp, humid conditions.  Mold has the ability to grow on and break down almost any organic material such as drywall, paper, carpet, insulation and wood,” edifying, that Ann Arbor is not immune to the problem, the spokesperson further said: “Mold can spread through your Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County MI home or business in a matter of hours.  A little excess humidity and a small leak, and mold is almost guaranteed.”

Having a mold problem in any property is bad news, because it gives way to many serious health issues such as respiratory problems and illness that is why professional help should be called in to inspect and treat mold. A2 Restoration has the expertise and the latest equipment to take care of a mold problem in any property, both residential and commercial. Their mold, water and fire damage removal and cleaning professionals are highly experienced, each professional works under the watchful eye of the lead restoration expert who has experience that span over two-and-a-half decades.

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A2 Restoration has been established to provide knowledgeable, educated professionals, armed with the best available technology to maximize results in every project. Their Lead Restoration Expert has 22 years of experience in the restoration and cleaning industry.  Their team members are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified; having successfully completed training and continued education in the latest technology and products in the industry. The company adheres to the IICRC code of ethics and always provides services that meet or surpass industry standards.

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