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Abuse Survivor and Bestselling Author Releases Guide to Coping with Trauma

Abuse Survivor and Bestselling Author Releases Guide to Coping with Trauma
Childhood abuse is a widespread issue with long-term effects. In the wake of such trauma, women––especially brown women––are often left feeling broken, lost, and empty, while still having to maintain a home, a career, and a family. To help survivors go from victim to victor, Dr. Cynthia Sutherland has written Letters to My Brown Girls.

FORT WASHINGTON, MD – May 11, 2022 – In Letters to My Brown Girls, abuse victor, public speaker, and bestselling author Cynthia Sutherland shines a light on the dark subject of childhood abuse. An example of adversity and resilience, her story serves as proof that you, too, can heal from your traumatic experience.

“Writing this book was no easy task. I’m not a psychiatrist nor a psychologist. I had no clue how to write this book or what I wanted to put in it. All I knew was that I wanted to share resources and other information on how to heal from the curse of childhood abuse with other brown women who suffered from the same trauma,” says Sutherland.

The topics covered in Letters to My Brown Girls, such as the acknowledgment phase, forgive phase, transition phase, and rebirth phase (A.F.T.R. Framework for transition); Sutherland’s memories and letters of comfort; coping resources; and empowerment exercises, help you confront and move past your environment of hurt and pain. Additionally, Sutherland’s four-phase transformation, the A.F.T.R. Framework, is the balm and catalyst for overcoming your mental and emotional barriers and becoming your best self.

Sutherland’s wish with Letters to My Brown Girls is for brown girls to have the resources they need to travel along their coping journey. The book focuses on healing the damages to a child’s emotional and mental abilities from the moment their trust is stolen until they have overcome the trauma they have faced.

“Each story and memory is offered as living proof that you are not alone in your journey to overcome childhood abuse. I feel honored that you chose me as your companion,” says Sutherland.

Cynthia Sutherland, D.Sc. is an abuse victor, public speaker, and author who overcame mental health obstacles to become a decorated Army veteran, award-winning national and global cybersecurity leader, and a Doctor in Cybersecurity. She provides a lifeline of resources to educate, heal, and empower survivors to break the curses of abuse. Dr. Cynthia lives in the Washington, D.C., area with her family.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, Letters to My Brown Girls is now available for purchase at

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