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Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, the Guarantee for Outdoor Cycling

The intelligent helmet is an increasingly popular equipment nowadays, and those who are fond of professional outdoor cycling in particular appreciate the helmet since it has both the function of protecting the head and the function of recording the scenes riders see during the journey. Airwheel C5 is the excellent equipment for outdoor cycling.

Outdoor cycling is an increasingly popular sport nowadays. Riders are not satisfied to ride on the road or green way, instead, riders want to combine riding with adventure such as outdoor cycling in the mountain path or near the beach. To guarantee the safety of riders and decrease the possibility of accidents or individual hurts, riders need to wear helmet to protect themselves.

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Besides, riders also need to use the sports camera to record each exciting second on the way of traveling. Airwheel C5 is a smart helmet which can meet both two demands above since it combines the helmet for protection with the sports camera to record each scene.

Harry loves to travel by the bicycle in the countryside or in the mountain path, and he is a professional rider who is good at outdoor cycling. Though Harry often gathers his friends to go cycling, the friends of Harry is not as skillful as Harry, so Harry tries to find an equipment to protect themselves. Airwheel C5 is the custom motorcycle helmet protecting the head, which is also equipped with windscreen to protect the eyes of riders.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is not only the general helmet, but also an intelligent helmet since it is of multi-function such as communication, taking photos and recording data. It makes the use of bluetooth technology to help riders to make call during outdoor cycling which is more convenient and safe. The cool street bike helmet is also equipped with the sports camera to take photo or video automatically. The quality of photo and video is high so riders will not lose any excellent movement in the cycling.

With Airwheel C5, Harry and his friends can truly enjoy the journey without worrying about their individual safety and the lose of photo and video. They just need to wear Airwheel C5 helmet and ride their loved bicycle in the countryside or mountain path freely. Airwheel C5 can record the happy memory of each second.

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