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Airwheel Cost-effective Smart Gadgets (E3 E bike and C5 smart helmet) that One Can’t Miss This Summer

Airwheel is a renowned smart transportation device manufacturer. The company is dedicated to provide high cost effective solutions to daily commuters. This summer, customers have abundant choices.

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Intelligent products sometimes impress people as expensive, like iPhone and Tesla. These products do mark the technological achievements and make quite a difference in daily life. However, the price is not cheap at all. Airwheel is a renowned smart transportation device manufacturer. The company is dedicated to provide intelligent yet affordable commuting devices for the general public. This summer, Airwheel brings out a series of high cost-effective smart gadgets that one can’t afford to miss.
helmet heads up display
How can one buy an electric bike with the price of an ordinary bicycle? Recently even a branded bicycle will cost about $300. Now, one can buy an Airwheel folding e bike E3 with that same amount of money. In contrast, the new type of vehicle can save riders’ much energy in daily commuting. E3 is extremely handy and weighs only 12.5 kg. It has a one key to fold function. When fully folded, it can be stored into a backpack and thus it is dubbed as a backpack e bike. The vehicle can be taken onto buses and metros, benefited from the mini stature. The intelligent vehicle can also be connected to the phone, via a customized app. The app is able to display the status of the vehicle and renders service like fault self-diagnosis.
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Another highly recommended smart gadget is the newly launched C5’s helmet heads up display. It is the first riding accessory produced by Airwheel Technology. Both the materials chosen and the artistic designing, enable C5 to be a safety guarantee for daily riders. The moderate and affordable price turns it a hit among riding enthusiasts. Apart from the head protection feature, it can provide more services, like videography, photography, playing music and answering phone calls. Firstly, it is integrated with a HD camera lens, which can record everything, from accidents to sceneries on the road. Via Bluetooth, the smart helmet can also be connected to the phone to play music. The whole journey will be accompanied by enjoyable music.
Rio 2016

Airwheel products with high cost performance, will make the summer more enjoyable.

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