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Airwheel E3 backpack intelligent electric bike is both a delicate artwork and a practical outdoor transportation vehicle

Lots of stunning artworks may appear in homes or each exhibition room. Airwheel intelligent electric scooters shall be outdoor vehicles substantially. Staying at home corner, it may be the decoration while moving outdoors, it can be a new and fashionable transportation vehicle.

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This year Airwheel rises above the common herd in production innovation and category expansion. As we know, Airwheel has got glorious achievements in 2016 and the latest backpack e bike, Airwheel E3 alters our usual thought and we can get general information about it from the following details.

An ordinary electric bike, similar in figure but with small wheels and electric power system, is not ordinary after it changes into another shape. And the most surprising part is that the bike after folding can be kept into a backpack, exclusively designed by Airwheel. By shouldering the backpack, you can go where you want. This is the talisman of Airwheel, E3 backpack electric bicycle.

E3 backpack electric bicycle

Honestly, E3 folding electric bike has nothing big difference with common bikes. The only distinguished place is that it has no chain drive system. Many parts of E3 folding Smart E Bike can be folded easily and even the handrails, pedals, saddles and the main frame can be packed in sequence. At this time, it shows its own ingenuity at a stroke. The 8-inch wheels can be placed into the two hollow circles after bending. Now you will be enlightened by the unique figure of E3. Besides, the left-right saddles, made of natural rubber and with round shape, are a highlight.

E3 folding Smart E Bike

After careful observation, you will know that there are many innovative devices on this backpack e bike. The lithium core is imported and has international certification about the security. The cuboid battery pack keeps adopting the replaceable design so it is easy to operate for maintaining or charging. What’s more, it leaves a special USB interface on the battery pack for connecting intelligent daily electronic devices to supply power. The C-AT vehicle control system is a key in braking process of E3 electric folding bike. The system makes an analysis to a large number of riding data and then provides the optimal solution quickly when you trigger the device.

Anyway, you will fall in love with Airwheel E3 and outdoor riding. 

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