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Airwheel Introduces a New Mobility Concept in Airwheel S6 good quality Seated Scooter

A new mobility concept has been introduced by Airwheel. This concept is reflected in S6 a seated scooter. It comes with its unique features, offering the user, Francis a new riding experience.

Plenty of people have a sort of craze towards electric scooters. Francis is also no exception. After hearing that Airwheel has released S6 a new model of electric scooter, Francis has a strong desire to try this new device. Although some friends persuade him that S6 is slightly similar to S5, he thinks they are totally different.

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As we know two-wheel electric scooter does not be installed a gas pedal or steering wheel since it’s powered by electricity provided by batteries, and its running directions depend on inclination of the center of gravity. The whole structure of this scooter is adopting magnesium alloy material which is light and solid. What’s more the material does no harm to our environment and is good for us to save irreversible natural resources for it is recyclable. 

There exist some differences between those two scooters. S5 doesn’t come with a seat rolling on two large tires. And it is fitted with an operating bar to help the rider to steer the directions. However S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter just rolls on two mini 8-inch tires and it’s also equipped with a seat. Moreover this seat is adjustable. It means that users can stand or sit during riding it. Since the seat is equipped in the middle of the deck the handlebar naturally is canceled. Thus, Francis can use phones when riding. Besides, this novel design gives Francis various ways of riding in that the seat is able to be adjustable. This humanized design complies with ergonomics, offering Francis a more comfortable experience.

S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter

Apart from that, the distance between two wheels is 50cm, and width of wheel is 26cm. So Francis can ride it into the elevator, even some narrow roads or aisles. He is proud enough when seeing some regular vehicles can’t squeeze into. Thanks to S6, its debut presents a new mobility concept for the electric scooter. It comes with an adjustable seat, offering Francis two riding poses as well as a brand new experience.

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