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Have you ever loved someone so much that you felt without them, there was no reason to live? That is exactly how Patricia Macias from Oxnard, CA feels ever since CPS took her Granddaughter away after she petitioned the court for permission to have dental work done.

Mariyah D. Sims, from Oxnard, California is a 4-year-old girl, very friendly and full of life has been residing with her grandmother Patricia Macias since 2014. Mariyah loves to dance, sing, color, and spend time with her family. Her mother Janae Lopez is currently in Ventura County Jail facing up to 15 years in prison and her father (Patricia’s son) Keith Sims Jr., recently was diagnosed with a mental health condition. 

“She is a healthy, smart, bright-eyed little girl,” stated the CPS worker in her written report. In June, Patricia took her granddaughter Mariyah to the Dentist for a routine checkup. During the visit, the dentist informed her that Mariyah needed a root canal. However, that would require her to have guardianship papers giving her authorization to make healthcare decisions for her granddaughter.

It sounds simple right. Wrong! It was supposed to be a simple procedure since both the parents consented to the guardianship. Patricia would have never thought in a million years by her petitioning the court it would do more harm than good. At the court hearing, the Judge stated, “I will appoint you temporary guardianship of your Granddaughter, Meanwhile, the case is referred to Social Service for a review, and I will bring you back here in 30 days for Permanent Guardianship.” Assuming it was a standard procedure, Patricia agreed.

After multiple visits by the Social Worker, including interviews with Patricia’s other children, interviews with personal references, in home visits and unannounced visits, all in Patricia’s favor, everything seemed okay. However, when dealing with these monsters, you do not know what can happen.

During an interview with Patricia she stated, “I enrolled her into preschool at the college that I am currently attending, we take the dog for a walk daily (so we can tell each other about our day), we watch T.V. shows together, put puzzles together, play-dough ornaments, and other arts and crafts, she does laundry with me, everything. There is not a day that goes by that you will see me without Mariyah. I do not know what to do; I am lost without my angel. They did not have any right to take her. They abuse their power so much they do not realize they are hurting the children they remove from the home, especially on that does not deserve to be eliminated. It is all about money; they open up a case on you; they are paid money.”

Witnesses say that the CPS worked waited until her supervisor was not in the office to detain Mariyah, she signed off on all her paperwork and kidnapped this little girl. The agency threatened with a warrant, what is a parent to do.

Sources say they overheard the Social worker state that, “We can overrule the judges’ decision.”

“I will never forget the look Mariyah gave me when she realized that she had to go. I sat her down and tried to explain, “Mamas, you are going to have to go to a new family for a little while, I love you with all my heart, everything will be ok I promise I will do whatever I have to do to for you to come home.” Her eyes filled up with tears, and she looked so confused and hurt, she said, “I do not want to go, mom, I love you, I want to stay with you.” I told her, “You are a big girl, and whenever you are sad or scared you ask God to take care of you, and he will.”

Now the question arises, Is CPS is doing the right thing by snatching away this child? Mariyah who is a 4-year-old child is in CPS’s custody has to go through this mental trauma at this tender age. Her studies, health, and her loving family were all gone in just an instance.

After knowing Mariah’s story, I fell in love with Mariyah Let’s pledge to help Mariyah and her family to be together again.

Go to this link and donate to a good cause! Every single dollar will help support Mariyah and her family Fight CPS. You can help Mariyah’s family raise the money for a Lawyer so that they can bring Mariyah home where she belongs.

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