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Author Suman Sarkar launches the book ‘Debottlenecking the supply chain’ on Amazon

“You kind of want to manage it (inventory) like you’re in the dairy business. If it gets past its freshness date, you have a problem.
– Tim Cook, Apple CEO.”

Author  Suman Sarkar of Three S Consulting announces the launch of his book ‘Debottlenecking the supply chain’ that describes how one can make sure their inventory is fresh and that the supply chain is without the bottlenecks that can impede success.  Considering the fact, that after years of adding new products, customers, and suppliers, a company’s supply chain eventually becomes unmanageable, Sarkar has released the guide on supply chain management on Amazon.

Supply Chain management often becomes a bottleneck-a garden hose so leaky that only a trickle of water emerges from its nozzle. As the company tries to fix one leak, water pours from another. The whole organization spends so much time applying patches that it doesn’t have time to think about the future. The way to fix the problem permanently is to simplify customer engagement, the planning processes, and communication with suppliers. In this book, Suman discusses how to fix supply chain bottlenecks with examples from leading companies.

The book is available on Amazon for free from April 25 through April 29, 2016.


The book has received fairly good reviews so far such as Isabelle K. who mentions, “Suman’s book describes the What and Why of Supply Chain de-bottlenecking. Suman ends with the all important business imperative of supply chains providing a competitive edge to firms doing this well. Especially relevant in this digital age of online shopping and rapid product innovation.”

Supply chain management has been a fairly hot topic in business for several years now, and the average business reader would imagine that it is at quite an advanced state at present.  The author’s view is that, despite what everyone thinks, supply chain management is still in the stone age.  In this book and several to follow, the author will show how companies can use their supply chain and sourcing organization to gain a competitive advantage in the market.  Incremental product innovation, marketing, and geographic expansions are no longer working for companies such as P&G, Walmart, IBM and others lately.  Supply chain and sourcing can provide that critical edge to companies to retain and build on their market success.

Suman’s mission is to unbox the traditional Supply Chain and Sourcing process to help clients achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace.  The book is a synthesis of Suman’s 20 years of consulting work with leading companies globally. 


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