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Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge Enjoys Great Early Success

“Auto-Tec Professional Tire Pressure Gauge”

A month on from its release, Auto-Tec’s Professional tire pressure gauge has proved to be in great demand with American motorists. With its robust, high quality build and ease-of-use design, it is no wonder that the motoring public are accepting it so enthusiastically.

Beverly Hills, California

Just thirty days after its launch on, sales of the Auto-Tec professional tire pressure gauge have greatly exceeded initial company forecasts.  Of course the low launch price has helped but just as important has been the amount of Amazon buyers who have taken time to write glowing reviews about this product.  Based on the eighty customer product reviews received to date the average rating is an impressive 5 out 5 on Amazon’s star rating system.

Customers have been quick to pick up on the safety and cost saving aspects of owning an accurate, reliable and properly calibrated tire pressure gauge.

Here’s what a couple of reviewers said:

‘My husband is a mechanic and we have had many tire gauges over the decades and this gauge is by far the highest quality that a private owner would have.  Many people don’t understand the importance of proper air pressure for your vehicles.  Safety is paramount and we are thrilled to have this gauge.

‘Checking the tire pressure on your car is very important as it plays a role in gas mileage, wear and tear of your tires, braking and handling safety.  That’s why I decided to purchase this since my old tire gauge stick stopped working.  This particular tire gauge by Auto-Tec is heavy duty, accurate, it doesn’t leak air and will surely last a long time.’

Company spokesperson Annie Michaels said ‘We are delighted by the early success enjoyed by our tire pressure gauge, but it is no surprise to us. We believe that solid, honest craftsmanship and innovative design will always reward itself, and it has done just that. While we have no intention of resting on our laurels, it is a proud moment for us to say that this gauge has been recognised so quickly as one of the best in the business.’

About Auto-Tec

The Auto-Tec brand is part of the Premier Products Limited, an on-line motoring accessories retailer specializing in bringing quality automotive products to market at affordable prices, underpinned with solid product guarantees.  All of their dial gauges are made according to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard, 100% tested and approved. Auto-Tec gauges are suitable for most passenger vehicles, cars, SUV, RV and motorcycles.  The Auto-Tec Professional tire pressure gauge (model AT-TPG-1001) was launched on on March 15th 2016:

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