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Bearing Hope: A Triumph Over Breast Cancer in Justice to the Tent 2.0 by Dorothy Nyabadza

Bearing Hope: A Triumph Over Breast Cancer in Justice to the Tent 2.0 by Dorothy Nyabadza

PEARLAND, TX – In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Author Dorothy Nyabadza Ojacore is proud to present her book, Justice to the Tent 2.0: A Triumphant Breast Cancer Walk, which chronicles how her life evolved after she received cancer. It’s a touching story about relationships and fighting through cancer the best you possibly can. 

Breast cancer is a journey. Ojacore writes about the steps you take from diagnosis to treatment to recovery which are all critical to support and care. One of the most important things you can do if you are a patient or survivor is to educate yourself. And this book never fails. 

Dorothy Nyabadza gets real about her struggles as well as how her family, friends, and colleagues rallied behind her throughout her journey.  But most of all, her faith sustains her throughout the ordeal. Her memoir bears a message in every chapter, so that other people may find hope and inspiration in her story. It’s a book that can bring together the newly diagnosed and survivors in a way that depicts a sisterhood and a sense of community. It reminds breast cancer survivors that their stories can have an impact on others who are going through the same things.  

Justice to the Tent 2.0: A triumphant Breast Cancer Walk, paints a joyful, painful, faithful journey of her cancer path. Weaving scripture and real-life adventures, this book is a must for anyone with a chronic illness, NOT just cancer. It is an intimate and soul-stirring story that combines personal experience, biblical references, and thought-provoking questions to help readers confront cancer with faith, not fear. 

“Justice to the Tent: A Triumphant Breast Cancer Walk” 

By Dorothy Nyabadza 

Kindle | $4.99 

Paperback | $10.99 

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers 

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About the Author 

Dorothy Nyabadza is a licensed Physical Therapist who has spent the last sixteen years dealing with infirmity as a patient rather than the care provider she was trained to be. As a motivational speaker, counselor, blogger and content creator, she now boldly delivers wellness with a pen and her voice instead. As the founder of OJACORE, Dee encourages others to live their lives with purpose on purpose. She urges all to live life under the covering of God’s protection as they walk in obedience to His will, fight until victory is won and fulfill their divinely sculptured destiny. 

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