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Blackpooltech Investigative Agency Records Biggest Crypto Recovery of $2.4 Million in BTC for a Corporate Client

Blackpooltech Investigative Agency Records Biggest Crypto Recovery of $2.4 Million in BTC for a Corporate Client
There is a growing number of cryptocurrency scams in the world today, and Blackpooltech is offering a crypto recovery service for victims of crypto scams

Cryptocurrency is the most popular trend in the world today, enjoying widespread adoption. It has become a cash-breathing sector helping people become financially free and printing cash on demand. Sadly, scammers and hackers are swarming the cryptocurrency market, stealing tens of millions in user funds. These fraudulent individuals always find new, innovative ways to trick their victims out of their hard-earned cryptocurrency. It has become imperative for cybersecurity services to be channeled in this direction.

Even financial institutions have been swindled by professional scammers. These professional crooks have sophisticated methods to obtain people’s hard-earned money. The first step to recovering funds is reaching out to a top-tier recovery agency like Blackpooltech, which will do all the hard work necessary to retrieve capital on a no-win, no-fee basis. Recently, Greenwich Fund, a global institution, had $2.4m of their capital returned to them within 30 days of contacting Blackpool tech.

Speaking about Blackpooltech’s services, the CEO of Greenwich Fund had this to say, “Mr. Sutton & his team worked very fast on our case. They were extremely swift & efficient in locating and recovering over 95% of our funds within a few weeks of initially speaking to them. I definitely recommend Blackpooltech to any and all that have experienced anything as we did.”

Since 2010, Blackpooltech has been involved in 3000+ cases, providing them with plenty of time to change and adapt to become the ultimate private investigation resource. The agency comprises a team of dedicated investigators with over thirty years of experience collectively. Blackpooltech services include cybercrime investigation, insurance fraud, background checks, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and financial crimes investigations.

Cryptocurrency traders and investors who have suffered crypto scams will find Blackpooltech’s crypto recovery service very resourceful in recovering their lost digital assets. For more information, please visit

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Blackpooltech Investigative Agency is an authorized leading global criminal investigation agency and provider of digital risk solutions, IT, and cyber security services. The agency combines years of experience, professional training, and top-of-the-line technology in acquiring information to get clients the answers they need.

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