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Boltivate – The Best Wireless Lock for Your Home Launches on Indiegogo

Saddle River, New Jersey – Boltivate launches its Indiegogo campaign for Boltivate wireless lock – a smart lock for home doors on Switching to wireless access control, without busting the spending budget, simply got quite a lot easier. Boltivate wireless lock from Boltivate is a flawless step up from any home’s mechanical master key system. Applying Boltivate technology, a technology company developing products that help make life convenient and more secure, Boltivate Lock creates the fastest, and the most accessible connection between user’s lock, and phone.

The Boltivate wireless Lock is the reliable, simple, and social approach to control your home’s lock as the Boltivate wireless Lock makes it possible to control from anywhere around the world by making use of a secure form of wifi, which is much more secure than other wireless locks designed to use Bluetooth, or other wifi connections. With Boltivate, you can now control access to the doors without the need for keys or codes and you can get it done all from your smartphone.

“Our main goal is always to provide an excellent product, that requires no installation, and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. So whether you are away from home half way across the world, or maybe you are out for dinner; feel comfortable that you will have accessibility to Boltivate,” said Tristan Wiener, CEO of Boltivate.

Its exceptional simplicity is the keyless feature to secure success as Boltivate wireless lock is the first ever wireless lock that requires no installation with compatibility with the pre-existing deadbolt lock for that reason, there is no cabling, and no electricians needed on site.

With Keyless Entry, Boltivate takes the labor out of missing keys. It is an Auto-Unlock with the use of GPS Tracking to see when you’re within a 20 foot proximity with the door, and upon walking up to the door, Boltivate opens doors remotely unlocking your house door right as you approach it.

Boltivate is also cost-effective to maintain as it makes use of 4x AA batteries lasts on average from 4-6 months. For every single door, at every level of control, when enabled Boltivate offers the most efficient lockdown and flexible way to access update as all doors will be locked simultaneously; additionally if any are unlocked/opened you will receive a real-time notification right on your mobile phone.

The Boltivate system is modular and fully scalable to meet the access control specifications for any size of building, and anywhere that simple, cost-effective, and secure access control is a priority.

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