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Buying-Market Announces 2016 Awarded Partners

Guangzhou, China – May 12, 2016 – Buying-Market, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced Fashion Jewelry solutions for the manufacturing industry, today announced Buying-Market 2016 Awards and honored partners.

Buying-Market has expanded global market extensively over years through trustworthy partners. Thanks to the joint efforts of partners, Buying-Market with its products has experienced remarkable growth of both client amount and sales volume during 2016. To present supreme appreciations to past cooperation and expectations towards future partnership, Buying-Market awarded partners who have contributed most respectively according to their distinctive performances over the past year.


Figure 1. Award Presented to Fashion Jewelry

Following is the announcement of Buying-Market Awards 2016.

Buying-Market BEST SALES AWARD 2016
1st: Necklaces
2nd: Fashion Jewelry 
3rd: Statement Necklaces

For their great sales performance of new licenses, and with a remarkable growth compared to last year, they’ve earned the reputation of top class sales.

Buying-Market 1000 Elite Club

With a remarkable client amount growth of over 1000, ENCEE Fashion Jewelry SYSTEME GMBH has earned the reputation in 1000 Elite Club.

Figure 2. Award Presented to ????????????

Buying-Market 600 Elite Club Award
3D Master

With a remarkable client amount growth of over 600, they’ve earned the reputation in 600 Elite Club.

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Buying-Market 300 Elite Club
With a remarkable client amount growth of over 300, AROLO VENTURE S.L.U. has earned the reputation in 300 EliteClub.

Buying-Market Strategic Partner Award 2016
Buying-Market PTE. LTD.

For the great contribution to strengthen Buying-Market technic and marketing, they’ve formulated strategic plans to promote Buying-Market with positive team and market input, and kept a high level cooperation with us.

Thanks to their unceasing efforts, Buying-Market has been introduced to more and more customers with exceptional value.

Here, on behalf of Buying-Market, I’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of our partners, and hold faith into the future prosperity.


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