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C5, first wearable device in Airwheel is more than a helmet

Nowadays, the products with multiple functions emerge gradually in people’s daily life, for example, sofa bed, in usual, it just works as normal sofa, but when visitors come to stay overnight and there is no extra bedroom, the sofa can be transformed to a perfect bed. To people, it is popular because of cost-effective.

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Cycling has been popular among the public, they choose it not only as a way of exercising but also to be closer to the nature. Of course, there must be a lot of funny things on the way, so most people would like to record all the niceness, if they pursue high quality image, then they need a professional digital camera. Answering phone is quite a risky behavior during the riding, so Bluetooth headset is necessary for riders.

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Listening to music is the choice of most riders, the music especially the ones with strong rhythm will make them full of passion and energy, however, riders may not hear external sound due to loud music, so enjoying the music may also dangerous. To sum up, if people want to have a regretless riding, they need helmet, camera, telephone, headset, and speaker, while, a bicycle cannot hold so many equipments, hence, the product which meets all the demands comes – Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 with multiple functions.


Firstly, the ventilating system of Airwheel smart helmet C5 improves air flow by virtue of the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole, this design ensures the strength as well as maximum ventilation area. Secondly, the motion camera installed in the helmet is closer to eyes, it can help riders record the scenery in the first perspective. The design of one key to answer the phone free both hands and ensures safe riding, what’s more, the high quality Bluetooth speaker makes enjoying music and hearing external sound at the same time possible.

Even on the off-road, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet can both ensure riders’ safety and record the challenging process, besides the perfect riding experience Bluetooth helmet C5 can offer, no matter where people are, in the air or underground, it can accompanies people and give full support for each of people’s personality play.

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