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Catch Up On FIFA World Cup Qualifiers with Freeliv

The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the whole world garnering over 1 billion TV viewership and more than 500 million live audiences. What makes this quadrennial event exciting are the national football clubs that have been gunning it out since the World Cup qualifiers.

Before heading to the most prestigious affair, national football clubs from different continents need to collect as many wins as they can first via FIFA World Cup qualifying matches. With these games, FIFA can sort out which 32 football clubs will be sent to Qatar for the main sporting event. 

Football fans know how significant these matches are. Basically, the qualifiers serve as the clubs’ ticket to join the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Of course, fans would want to see and support their beloved national football clubs give their best shot to join the Top 32.

However, most of the local TV networks give limited to none airplay to these games. And now that the world is still in the pandemic era, it is way more difficult to go outside to watch these matches live and in person. Because of this, patrons won’t have any avenue to spectate the World Cup qualifiers while being at home.

Luckily, Freeliv can help avid football fans out there.

Cheer your heart out on the World Cup qualifiers with Freeliv

Observe your favorite national football club while battling the qualifying rounds on Freeliv.

Freeliv helps you stay updated on the latest happenings in football and the sports industry in general. So, even though your local television channels won’t air these qualifiers, you’ll still be able to watch them in the comfort of your own homes, or basically, anywhere you are.

Also, Freeliv offers post-game data analysis so that you can get a better understanding about the matches. You can also replay your favorite game moments on Freeliv’s highlights collection tab.

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