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ChalkTastic Color Chalk Marker Pens Complete Fourteen Hundred Reviews on Amazon.

ChalkTastic’s flagship product Color Chalk Marker Pen has just achieved the milestone of fourteen hundred Amazon reviews. These versatile chalk-based markers have been used successfully in multiple applications.

13th June, 2016 – ChalkTastic is delighted to announce that their popular product Color Chalk Marker Pen has just gone past the landmark of fourteen hundred reviews on Amazon. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality chalk-based accessories, and their colored chalk markers were launched almost a year ago in the world’s largest online marketplace.  Within this lifespan, the product has received top ratings from a high percentage of Amazon shoppers. ChalkTastic is currently offering this product for an affordable price of $13.95 only.

Each set of ChalkTastic Chalk Marker contains eight chalk pens offering different bright and vibrant colors. The high-quality liquid chalk used to manufacture the product is non-toxic and odor-free. The markers are also dust-free, making the clean-up process easy for the users. Some of the most popular applications of the product include writing on bistro boards, menu boards, white board, window markers, car windows, etc. Many teachers have also used these markers to enhance visible explanations and student attention. Equipped with a reversible tip, these markers offer the option of both rough and detailed work.

In a recently posted Amazon review, the reviewer mentioned, “I absolutely love these Chalktastic chalk markers! They colors are very vibrant and bright. The chalk markers have a fat 6mm tip made it easy for writing nice bold letters or pictures. I loved how quickly the chalk markers dried. On construction paper and on the chalk board the writing dried almost immediate. When writing on a mirror it took around 30-45 seconds for the chalk marker to dry. Removal of the chalk marker is very simple. A few wipes with a damp rag or Windex and it’s gone!! I am so happy I found this product at a discounted price and tried them! I will be using these often to add the perfect touch to any of my crafts or message boards!”   

Thanking the Amazon shoppers for their support, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “It has been a great journey over the last one year and we would like to thank each Amazon shopper for making our Color Chalk Marker Pen what it is today. I also take this opportunity to congratulate our sales and support team because this success belongs to them.”

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