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Delivery Systems in Personal Care Market are Expected to Grow by 2020, Owing to the Increasing Disposable Income and Growing Product Effectiveness – Hexa Research

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Increasing disposable income is one of the key factors for “delivery systems in personal care market”, as people will have more disposable income in their hand, they will invest more on the personal care products.

Delivery systems in personal care market are expected to grow over the forecast period owing to the increasing disposable income and growing product effectiveness. The other drivers of this market are changing lifestyle, increasing population, and technological advancements. Delivery system is one of the important integral parts of the personal care market, because it is very important that product should reach on time to their end customer. Both delivery system and personal care products are directly proportionate to each other. If the personal care market will grow than by default delivery system will also improve and vice-versa. Increasing disposable income is one of the key factors for this market, as people will have more disposable income in their hand, they will invest more on the personal care products. Growing population is also one of the key factors. As population is increasing, the demands for personal care products are also increasing. So the met with the global demand, the personal care market should opt for better delivery system, otherwise company may face difficulties in sustaining in the market. There are huge unmet opportunities available for the investor or manufacturer. 

System Insights

Delivery systems in personal care market are segmented on the basis of forms, into foam delivery systems, activated delivery systems, starch-based systems and substrate-based systems. Among these, activated delivery systems held the largest market share as of 2013. The reason for its dominance is that it is controlled and activated by bio-chemical, chemical and physical facilities or processes by the energy supplied externally. The further segments of activated delivery systems are, classified into osmotic pressure activated, Hydrodynamic pressure activated, vapor pressure activated, mechanically activated, sonophorosis activated, Iontophoresis activated, and hydration activated. On the basis of products, the market is segmented into intomillicapsules, microcapsules, phospholipids and liposome’s based delivery systems. Liposome is the fastest growing market, as globally median age is increasing, so this product provides anti-ageing facility to look younger and beautiful.

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Regional Insights

Geographically, the Delivery systems in personal care market are studied with respect to four regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW. North America is dominating the market followed by Europe, owing to the availability of strong delivery channel, consumer demands, huge variety of personal care products, availability of mass stores or luxury stores, better delivery system, presence of strong research & development, increasing advanced technologies and availability of disposable income. As we know that both North America and Europe are highly developed regions. People here in these regions are more concerned about their personal looks. So these people spend like a hell on the personal care products. In the upcoming forecast period, most of the domestic and international players are focusing on the emerging market, such as China and India, as these markets are lucrative in nature and owe towards untapped opportunity. These countries are growing rapidly in the personal care market. India and China are the world leader in the global population. As these countries are developing at a rapid rate, so market of personal care products has increased tremendously. People are investing a lot on the personal care products to look young and beautiful. 

Competitive Insights

The major market players in the delivery systems in personal care market are Norelco Consumer Products Company, Conair Corp, HoMedicsInc,Panasonic Corporation, GABA GmbH, Remington Products Company, Lipotec, Arch Chemicals, and BASF. As this market is highly competitive in nature, so the companies are focusing on the various strategies such as merger & acquisition, innovation, better customer service supports and collaboration to reduce competitions. Conair Corporation is one of the market leaders in this segment. It has always followed the strategy of acquiring newly established profitable companies. Few companies acquired by Conair Corporation are, in 1989, it acquired Cuisinart, in 1998 it acquiredWaring Products, in 2007 it acquired Allegro and in 2005, it acquired Jarden.

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