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“Creative and Innovated Mind”

Dennis Tae Wook Kim is an internationally renowned Artist and winner of prestigious awards internationally and nationally. He is creative and unique creating art for the entire world and cultures.

New York, New York (August 26, 2016) – Dennis Tae Wook Kim is an award-winning, internationally renowned Artist is expected to make an appearance at the many prominent exhibitions and famous art galleries starting January 2017 to exhibit his unique and creative never seen before masterpieces. Dennis creates his art to be rationality-free and then his art becomes automatically intuitive to art lovers, Created from a trans-meditative state, he works color with total emotional engagement and only after intellectual reflection does he then complete and highlight the dynamic visual images created. Receiving recognition from top industry leaders, his artwork has been sought after by many prominent art galleries thought-out the world.

Growing up in a time when video games became more innovative, Dennis is inspired by the virtual realities and fantastical designs present in them. They provide the resources for shaping his cast of protagonists and visual worlds.

“While video games give me the inspiration and reference for designing my universe, my dreams give me the content to fill it. Dreams are the source of the myth within my fabricated world,” said Dennis, the fine artist. They provide the vision of what the nature, culture, and events in my fictional universe are like. As a dream-weaver, I work to weave the fabrics of my dreams together coherently. I look for clues, which reveal a connection between thoughts and fill those holes with my fictional storytelling to create the narrative myth behind them.

Through this creative process, he is free to create his paintings with joyful colors allowing the viewer to appreciate the bewilderment and uncertainty of his experience with their own heart and soul. Please check his website for upcoming Exhibitions.

Dennis Tae Wook Kim is a full-time artist. Having found a new and the most efficient way to reach out to the world through his artwork, he is now working on many new paintings. Copies of his work can be ordered online ( and those who want original copies of his artwork can place their orders by contacting this artist by email.

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