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Dropshipping solutions provider Ali2Woo announces a new feature of its AliExpress plugin

Dropshipping solutions provider Ali2Woo announces a new feature of its AliExpress plugin
Developer of the dropshipping plugin Ali2Woo informs about its new feature: adding orders automatically with an official AliExpress API. With it, you do not need to add customers’ orders manually, because the process will be handled by a plugin.

To use a plugin, you need connect a plugin to your AliExpress account. To do it, follow instruction in our knowledge base and give the plugin a permission to place orders via your AliExpress account. After that, you will be able to see the details of connected accounts in your settings, and all orders will be synced automatically.

How it works

To use this feature, you need to connect your dropshipping plugin with AliExpress. To do this, insert your purchase code into plugin settings and then use the button “Get Access Token”. Confirm authorization in the popup window, and a token key will be added to your dropship settings. In the table, you will also see the token expiration date.

After fulfilling this step, you can start placing orders via API by using your WooCommers interface. The plugin offers several convenient options:

• place orders one by one or in bulk;

• choose shipping method or stay with predefined shipping options;

• check the status of all your orders.

Usually, the placement of an order takes several seconds. If there is some issue with any of the orders, the status will inform you about it, so you can act accordingly. After placing your orders, you will bay able to pay for them by opening the AliExpress page. If you need to place an order again for some reason, you should open it is properties and reset the order data first.

The benefits of the feature

With this feature, you can transfer orders from your eCommerce shop to AliExpress significantly faster. Use bulk actions or process the orders one by one, depending on your situation, and choose appropriate shipping methods. The interaction between AliExpress and your store will be as smooth and easy, as it has ever been.

Moreover, we plan to develop the feature further, to provide more opportunities to our clients. Currently, you have to use our Chrome extension to sync orders and get tracking numbers, but in one of the next releases, the syncing feature will be added to the plugin itself.

Ali2Woo is a powerful tool for developing and improving your dropshipping store, giving your clients the best experience. With it, you can concentrate on the most important tasks and grow your online business.

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