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Ergonomic Workspace Linked With Increased Productivity, Improved Quality Of Life

USA – Much has been written about the importance of providing an ergonomically designed office workspace, which would prevent the occurrence of work-related health issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain, and that would alleviate employees’ existing problems, which may, as a whole, potentially keep them from performing their best.

Nevertheless, the focus in most of the available literature is the measures employees themselves must take in order to protect their health and overall wellbeing while working an office job – be it through modifying their sitting posture, or taking short breaks from their desk during work hours, and even performing some type of light physical exercise, while seated, so as to stave off the incidence of issues related to a sedentary work lifestyle. Nevertheless, workplace health experts place emphasis on corporate responsibility towards creating a healthy and safe working environment, which would promote their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

“Boosting morale and safeguarding employees’ wellbeing is the best way to build a strong, productive workforce. By ensuring that each employee enjoys an ergonomic workspace, companies invest in their own interests: healthy employees significantly boost a business’s performance, while sick pay, insurance costs, and the stress caused by having to shuffle schedules to find available employees to cover for their sick colleagues are all significantly decreased” said iMovR’s media representative.

“Creating an ergonomic workspace is not as hard as some might think. Industry experts have come up with integrated solutions, which provide corporate giants, small businesses, and individuals alike, with a wealth of available options to cover their specific needs – all with the necessary ergonomic features that promise to make their working life easier, and more productive than ever before. Taking a step towards setting up an ergonomic office space is, ultimately, a small investment with great returns. Those that have already completed the process speak of how easy the transition to their new, ergonomic environment was, and raved about how much more relaxed and pain-free they felt, after years of being confined in non-ergonomic office chairs and desks.”

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