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Fireplaces Atlanta Proudly Presents Hand Made Fireplace Art Made By Sorin Gherasim

Fireplaces Atlanta is the primer fireplace design house in Atlanta that offers stunning, meticulously crafted fireplace for contemporary and traditional settings. Each fireplace offered by Fireplaces Atlanta has been created by master artisan Sorin Gherasim, who is recognized within the trade for his superior technique and attention to detail. Sorin’s vision is to revive the beauty and purpose of fireplaces which they once held in the traditional architecture. The Fireplace Atlanta store has served the needs of commercial and residential clients over the course of 15 years.

Fireplaces Atlanta has the exceptional capability to offer bespoke fireplaces in Atlanta to their valued clients, which have been designed and crafted by Sorin to accommodate the unique style which the client has requested for, the stores craftsmen work alongside the client to develop a distinctively personal design that captures the client’s vision. The professional craftsmen at the design house are equipped with all the necessary tools, techniques and experience that allows them to work on different types of bespoke design requests, even the most ambitious projects. The team works under the watchful eye and guidance of master artisan Sorin. He assures that each fireplace is crafted from the finest materials at the hands of experts, so clients can be confident that the final design will warm their heart, as well as their home.

Sorin Gherasim said “I have been working in stucco and fireplace business for over 15 years. My commitment to the homeowner is outstanding, customer service and job quality. I am present at every job site and ensure all jobs are completed in a professional and timely manner. Every job big or small gets personal attention.”

The company offers free estimates to the clients all over Atlanta, the convenience of free estimates for Atlanta fireplace has been added by the company to further enhance the customer services Fireplaces Atlanta offers to its valued clients. They have received tremendous praise and appreciation from their clients for their friendly and prompt customer services and the exceptionally high quality of products.


Atlanta Fireplaces provide the best quality fireplaces for homes that are made with supreme quality materials and especially handmade designs which set them apart from any other ordinary fireplace. Fireplaces Atlanta also makes handmade customized designs that meet the customer’s requirement. The company has been serving for 15 years offering Crown-moldings, Stuccos, Fireplace Metals and much more.

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