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Flykit Mini Toy Drone Launched on Indiegogo

Remote-Controlled Drone for Children creates Halo Effect and Aerial Lightshow through Outer Ring with LED Lights

Flykit Mini Drone is being launched today on INDIEGOGO at < >, as the easy-to-activate Drone-Powered stunning aerial light show for children. The device is a miniature remote-controlled drone with an outer ring having embedded LED lights that generate an impressive lightshow effect in the sky that is easy to control and explore for any user. 

Flykit Mini Drone can be activated to rotate in the air, creating a spectacular light sphere in the air, with different light patterns can be explored, namely by choosing from three modes. If the user stops the light sphere in a position perpendicular to the fuselage, a vertical halo hanging in the air will also create yet another impressive light effect. 

Flykit Mini Drone is equipped with the essential flight functions that any drone offers. Its ultralight fuselage is built to make it extremely compact, with a 3.2cm miniature body, matching performance with portability. “The device is extremely user-friendly and intuitive since it has been designed to be used by children and also by adult non-skilled beginners,” said Kyle ZENG, director of the Flykit campaign. 

From the remote control, users can easily explore various trim adjustments, operate a smooth flight, and customize the light ring patterns. The included Headless Mode allows users who struggle with orientation issues to effortlessly fly the drone while keeping the same direction. The Altitude Hold, on the other hand, allows the pilot to focus on other aspects knowing that the drone will hover at its position without requiring the attention or remote control operations by the user. 

Another aspect of Flykit Mini Drone is that it will return to the user in one click when the one-key return feature is activated with a simple push of a button. “The drone will automatically return to the previously set up landing spot and slowly and safely land there,” the campaign representative added. 

When in a low battery state, Flykit’s light ring turns off, and automatically stops at a horizontal position, unable to rotate. This way, the battery is saved, as the body lights flash, indicating that the drone should return home as soon as possible. When faced with an obstacle or getting stuck, Flykit’s propellers will stop spinning to prevent damage, and the lights will flash so that you can easily find it.  

Kyle ZENG also highlighted that “Flykit Mini Drone has been built to last with strong materials and a robust structure since we know it may crash down a few times and that it may suffer a few impacts that are to be expected, especially if children are operating it.” 

The Flykit Mini Drone campaign on INDIEGOGO at <> is seeking to raise $5,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device, which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign. 

About Flykit 

Flykit primarily manufactures innovative educational children’s toys and remote-controlled toys. Our company mainly exports our products to overseas wholesale markets in Europe, America, Russia, Southeast Asia, namely catering to supermarket clients. We strive to design superior children’s toys that are adored by young consumers, aiming to bring joy to children worldwide. In this context, Flykit Mini Drone is intended to be a toy that embodies certain sophisticated drone capabilities that children can play and experiment with.  

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