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Food And Photography Lover Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New Cookbook

Lover of food, photography and traveling, Dipankar Sarkar wants to combine his passions in his upcoming dream project: “A2Z of Indian Culinary-A photo book with 26 easy recipes”, which will be a cookbook with 26 amazing Indian dishes that anyone can prepare at home following the easy to follow instruction, the book will also include drool worthy photographs of the 26 dishes captured by Dipankar himself. He recently set up a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular platform for crowdfunding creative projects Kickstarter to build support and raise the funds necessary to bring the project to live.  The campaign has been launched with a funding goal of, at least, €2,500 which needs to be raised by Tue, May 17, 2016.

The classic Indian cuisine is a melange of aromatic spices and enticing flavors that has earned a prestigious spot amongst the world’s best, most popular cuisine. The interesting blend of flavors is not only loved by Indian people but people from other countries, cultures and origins have also learned to appreciate Indian food. Dipankar has grown up eating this type of food, cooked by his loving mother in his hometown, Kolkata. Some of these recipes were passed on to him by his mother and now he has decided to collect the A to Z, 26 characters and hence 26 Dishes starting with Letter A to Letter Z, in one easy to follow cookbook.

Dipankar said: “I want to start small and plan to do various photography projects and also share the knowledge and the passion of photography and cooking at the same time. The entire fund raised will be used to prepare the dishes, create the images, design the photo book and deliver it to its lovely buyers. I have a tremendous passion for photography but could never break the shackles due to lack of funds mainly.”

I am creating a photo book along with recipes for 26 amazing Indian dishes. Easy and Tasty! Also good to have as a printed Photo Book.

The entire fund raised will be used to prepare the dishes, create the images, design the photo book and deliver it to its lovely buyers. A variety of different rewards and perks are being offered to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions.

For more information and to support the project, please visit:


Dipankar Sarkar, born in Kolkata, India, where a lot of delicious dishes were born and is also one art-oriented city since ages. I bring with me the caring and heartwarming culture of my city of joy to Herzogenaurach, Germany.

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