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From a Simple Man: Embracing God’s Peace Amid Life’s Chaos

From a Simple Man: Embracing God's Peace Amid Life's Chaos

MINOOKA, Ill. – Author Richard Kramer writes a book about letting go of life’s clutter and holding on to peace, with God’s promise of a Life away from regret, anxiety, and all the ways of the world, “From a Simple Man.”  

Readers are in for a surprise to think about their lives while reading the book, collect their thoughts, and re-evaluate their life’s choices. He writes: ”Imagine suddenly having moments of the most beautiful peace come upon you. Moments of joy where everything within you, that was troubling you, suddenly feels as though it is taken away, leaving behind the most amazing quietness. Imagine yourself having reoccurring moments where the softness of your tears was an expression of saying “thank you.” Imagine every time you felt that kind of joy, there came with it a message that was to be told.” 

“From a Simple Man,” reveals how powerful and amazing God’s grace is and how it can turn a person’s miserable life into a victorious one. Combining his personal experience and heartfelt realizations along with testimonies from people, the book helps readers develop a deeper understanding of God’s Grace and how making room for God will allow us to achieve peace and happiness. The book is a testament to how the author revealed his happiness with God’s promise. A true picture of a tried, tested, and broken man of God to whom the Lord revealed Himself in a very unique way.  

By Richard Kramer 

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About the Author 

Richard Kramer has worked as a manufacturers’ agent for over 20 years. He has been actively doing church work, various volunteer work, and serving the Lord for over 30 years. During this time, he suffered through many difficult moments. At one point, Richard found himself homeless. It was the Lord who helped him climb back up and keep going on. At that period of his life, he learned that life requires a relationship of complete trust in and dependence on the Lord. 

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