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Get Cuts introduces in-office haircuts and shaves as an amenity for top companies and commercial buildings in the Tri-State!

Get Cuts has come up with the breakthrough idea of in-office haircuts and shaves for companies, organizations, health-clubs and more, that will help showcase the property as more than just an office building, increase tenant traffic as well as attract, motivate and retain tenants/members/workforce. Busy professionals can still enjoy the luxury of a premium haircut at the convenience of their office desks.

New York, New York – September 29, 2018 – No more sneaking out of the office to get a fresh haircut. No more rescheduling or cancelling appointments with barber/stylist(s) due to office deadlines. A new barbershop is offering the exclusive privilege of getting hair and beard done by professionals right at your office desk. Named “Get Cuts”, the latest mobile barbershop extends its services as an amenity for some of the top office buildings in the Tri-State area with, haircuts and shaves for in office settings to save tenants and members the valuable time lost in rushing to stylists.

Get Cuts offers haircuts, beard trims and straight-edge shaves for many kinds of companies or organization.

“It’s a fast-paced world today where almost all of us are backed into a tight schedule. Our demanding professional life hardly spares us time to take time out for other necessary things, like, our grooming needs. We have to think about elaborate plans to squeeze time out from office hours to meet our barber/stylist. And after a long hard day at work, we rarely have the energy to drive to the salon and wait in line for your turn. There’s an amenities arms race among office landlords, who are aggressively changing the landscape of how services are delivered to their tenants.

We all know the importance of amenities in today’s busy world, and the property with “THE BEST AMENITIES” always ends up winning some of “THE BEST COMPANIES.” This is where Get Cuts comes to the rescue”, stated the man behind Get Cuts.

The Co-Founder of the innovative mobile barbershop is himself a seasoned barber with more than 13+ years of experience. A name of repute in the grooming industry, he belongs to a renowned family of 3 generations of barbers and is carrying on the proud legacy of his forefathers with glory and success.

“I used to work in a busy neighborhood in Chelsea, NY and I often saw customers can-celling or rescheduling their appointments. I realized they are too busy to take care of their grooming needs and that was my lightbulb moment. I tried to think about a solution that will be able to offer a better work/life balance where one won’t have to compromise on grooming needs for professional responsibilities. Thus, Get Cuts was born. It’s here to make your life easier when you are struggling to take time out to take care of yourself. We are here to make life easier for you.”

Customers willing to get in touch with Get Cuts can book an advanced appointment from the company’s official website. Get Cuts is backed by a solid team of licensed and seasoned barbers. All the barbers have to undergo Get Cuts’ special training program to join the team.

“Our barbers are experienced and thorough professionals. They will arrive at your desk with our portable barber chair, drop cloth, portable vacuum and all the things needed to execute the job at its best. We also make sure to clean up the area after the work is done.”

Added to offices and corporations, Get Cuts is also flexible to offer on-demand barber services at special events like weddings, employee appreciation event, fundraisers and so on.

“We have got flexible price plans to suit every budget.”

Get Cuts will offer a 100% refund on customer dissatisfaction.

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