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Glory to Ukraine, a Community of Concerned Individuals, Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Support Ukraine Refugees in Malta

The campaign is aimed at raising funds that would help provide food, jobs, and shelter for victims of the Russia-Ukraine war in Malta

On February 24, 2022, what was a peaceful, budding country with a rich heritage and amazing people was turned into a battlefield. Russian forces began the bombarding of peaceful and harmless civilians in Ukraine and the feud has continued for weeks now. It has claimed the lives of thousands, made many homeless, and separated family and friends. The situation in Ukraine is unbecoming and gory with the populace calling for help and support from all quarters.

Since March 2022, 800,000+ Ukrainians and other nationalities living in the country have fled Ukraine, seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Nobody wants to leave their homeland, but with the situation becoming unbearable, it is now necessary. These refugees do not have places to stay in, food to eat, water to drink, or clothes to wear.

Governments of countries in Europe have shown support for Ukrainians and, most recently, Malta has lifted the Ukraine travel ban for refugees. The government is taking measures to help the refugees, but within the Island’s limitations. To cope with such circumstances, Malta needs all the help they can get.

Majority of the population of refugees will comprise women, children, and elders. They need help in all aspects of life: housing, food, water, clothing, education and employment. The students, workers and refugees from other countries are also forced to flee because of the immediate outbreak of conflict. On this note, Glory to Ukraine, a group of concerned individuals, is appealing for financial assistance to help the Government of Malta take care of refugees coming into the Island country.

The group has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to support refugees coming into Malta. All the monies that will be raised through the Glory to Ukraine fundraiser will directly go to purchasing of life necessities for Ukrainian refugees. Furthermore, the group identified that the following are areas where the funds will provide support:

● Food and clothing

● Housing and accommodation

● Medical assistance

● Job accommodation to earn a livelihood for their families

● Providing transport to Ukrainian refugees to the city center where more help is available.

● Aid for the sufferers in Ukraine

● Also, to trusted charities and shelters that are, specifically, helping the Ukrainian refugees

According to the group, the fundraiser will not generate funds for a single-time use but goes a long way in providing some jobs or small startups for the refugees. Any leftover donations will be given to Ukraine Emergency, supporting Ukraine’s Children.

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