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GPEL™ Announces the Launch of the World’s First Innovative Wireless Charging System for the iPhone 6/6s

Green Power Electronics (GPEL™) announces the launch of the world’s first Qi wireless charging and integrated power bank case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s along with a Qi wireless charging stand and built-in USB hub. iPhone and Qi device users can rejoice with the launch of these two products that remove the hassle of dealing with wires and unnecessary cords.

A technology developed by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008, Qi is an interface standard for inductive electrical power transfer, which means charging without need for wires over distances of up to 4 cm apart with a compatible charger and corresponding enabled device.  The standard allows various manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Huawei, HTC, BlackBerry and Asus to easily produce Qi enabled devices.  Qi Wireless Charging currently lists over one hundred and forty mobile devices that are Qi compatible.  A power transmission pad and corresponding receiver make up the system and work by placing a device that has the receiver onto a compatible charger that has the pad. 

The innovative charging case by GPEL™ is the first of its kind to enable the wireless charging of the iPhone 6 and 6s while also providing an emergency backup power bank and protection at the same time.  The Wireless Power Consortium and Apple certified case will work with any compatible Qi charger and features an integrated battery pack with a handy 590mAh capacity, roughly 30% (not accounting for conversion loss) extra to the iPhone’s stock 1715mAh battery without adding too much bulk and weight.

The comfortable to grip rubberized TPU bumper insert has forward facing speaker cutouts, there are LEDs on the back of the case to indicate battery status and the hard plastic back housing comes in gold or silver. The whole setup can be charged via micro USB should lightning cables be unavailable which may be an added convenience for many.

To go along with the case is the convenient GPEL™ wireless charging stand.  Also certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, not only will it charge the GPEL™ case but all Qi enabled devices, including most Android smartphones currently on the market.  Three things make this charger more convenient and functional than the commonly available pads: the integrated stand, four extra USB 2.0 ports but most importantly the three power transmitting coils versus just one.  The extra coils widen the charging area which allows devices to charge without the need for perfect positioning.  Devices can be placed in both portrait and landscape modes to charge, and this together with the angled stand and nonslip rubber Qi logo make for comfortable viewing while charging.

Both products by GPEL™ have garnered great reviews from users who cite the build quality and aesthetics of these devices as their favorite features in addition to the joy of having one fewer cable to deal with.

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Green Power Electronics Co. Ltd. is a company well known for developing and manufacturing IT devices that improve quality of life.  It currently exports its products to over forty countries and one hundred and twenty partners around the world. With the aim of becoming a leading innovator in mobile accessories, GPEL™ is committed to improving the lives of its customers across the world.

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