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Great Mindset Magazine Issue 4 Is A Success Special Edition

In this special edition readers get real practical steps for personal growth and creating a successful life.

March 16, 2016 — Great Mindset Magazine, a digital motivational magazine dedicated to helping people achieve success in creating a happier more fulfilling life proudly announces the release of the fourth issue of Great Mindset Magazine, now available at

Great Mindset Magazine edition number four covers the following main topics on a variety of personal development and self-help topics:

  • How to Develop the Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams
  • How to Break Free from Negative Emotions
  • How to Master the Art of Problem Solving
  • Top 10 Success Tips from Winners
  • How to Write Your Own Success Story
  • The 7 Secrets to Your Ideal Body
  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work
  • How to Become Your Best Self

Most of these topics feature additional material and workbooks available as bonus downloads to help people further understand and implement the concepts presented in the magazine.  All positive thinking tips, techniques and motivational strategies offered are based on time tested and verified methods that reliably produce successful results.  These valuable personal development topics ensure that every edition of Great Mindset Magazine is a timeless edition that readers can refer back to at any time in the future.

A new concept in a digital magazine, Great Mindset Magazine has the appearance and style of a traditional magazine, but offers so much more.  Accompanying every edition is a series of downloadable resource materials and bonus content that expands on the topics covered in the edition.  Offering deeper insights into the subject matter, practical guides for how to implement the concepts, and positive thinking books, this bonus material expands the content from a basic magazine into a series of complete workshops and training sessions.

Readers who want to evaluate Great Mindset Magazine, there is currently the possibility to download the first magazine for free by going to this webpage:  This includes all available bonus material that came with edition number one.

For more information about Great Mindset Magazine, please visit its website at, on Facebook at, or contact the magazine directly at

About Great Mindset Magazine

Great Mindset Magazine is a digital magazine with an interesting new concept.  It looks like a magazine, but is much more.  The on-line content bridges the gap between articles found in a traditional magazine and a more in-depth book, course or workshop.  Every magazine comes with a select number of topics where the subject matter is explored in more depth, and offers additional workbooks with practical tips and strategies to help readers achieve the success they seek.

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