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Greenlatrines: Waterless, Electric and Green Portable Toilet for All

Portable Potty, Portable Restroom Trailers and Portable Toilets for Sale

TX, USA – The infrastructure in this arena has not been altered in nearly 30 years. Greenlatrines has designed this technology for its customer base in South Texas in the oil industry, hunting industry and hospitality industry and beyond which have faraway locations where water is rare. This offers a fresh substitute for their employees in isolated locations with such bad odour which everyone is also familiar with. The enclosure is modular in structure, which implies installation is simple and alternative parts is a lot easier.

Every single part is made prior to the assembly of the enclosure for the ideal fit and use. The exact enclosure rests upon an aluminum base ranked at 30,000 pounds. This creates the capacity for the waterless restroom to be transferred easily with a fork lift or manually utilizing a pallet jack. The floor is a durable aluminum diamond apparatus. This guarantees the ability to survive the extreme environments of dirt, mud or wet locations without slippage. The enclosure is done from aluminum extrusions that are anodized to ascertain oxidation or rust hardly happens in a harsh environment.

The genuine panels are artificial Antimicrobial component that hinders expansion for several bacteria’s. Understandably, all these harmful bacteria’s multiply in unsanitary places like the common port potty type environments that everyone detests.

Majority of our customers appreciate the efforts and resources put together to produce innovative product like GreenLatrines a waterless restroom. LT Stafford said, “This type of waterless restroom is not common around here, it works perfectly and I am happy I don’t have to go into a nasty port a potty ever again.” In the same vein, Joleen M said: “As a woman, I would never use the common portable restroom unless I absolutely had no choice. With the new waterless toilet I would have no fear of it.”

The main parts of the GreenLatrines are described below:

  • The door also is a traditional antimicrobial substance which is designed with a durable door tighter and galvanized latch for protection and safety.
  • The handle has a good architectural visual appeal convenient to use. Since there is no water needed using this portable toilet.
  • Paper towels, and hand sanitizing solution gel offered to clean hands. Additionally, all elements of Electric port a potty are built with bowl liners that are expected to be embedded into the bowl before use.
  • A large capacity toilet paper dispenser, to ascertain that the units remain properly lit, the roof contains a distinct antimicrobial plastic which is not see-through. Nevertheless, it will allow 70% of the light to enter from the top. This brings an amazing lighting source when utilizing the green latrines electric toilet.
  • For the original toilet, it is an all-electric rest room that needs no water and minimal maintenance. After loading the bowl liner, you just placed the waste inside the bowl liner, ‘do your business’ press the bottom pedal and push to start. What this really does is, it burns all the waste into merely teaspoon. However this process takes roughly 20 minutes, the bowl must be emptied nearly every 10 days.

About GreenLatrines:

In developing a service business in South Texas, It was discovered that nobody wants to get into a Port a potty. Women and men likewise are disgusted in requiring to utilize the facilities in remote locations. Over the years, our team undertook the challenge to produce a new waterless, electric and green facility which can be equally convenient, secure and gag free.

The development of the electric toilet called the”Electrolet” was born. This electric toilet requires no water and can be connected into 120V electricity source or plugged into a generator for distant locations. This portable toilets for sale, port a potty for rental, portable restroom trailers.

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