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Hail Airwheel S8 leg control e-scooter: a practical and fashionable mount

The event for Steve Rogers, originally a superhero in “Captain America” being a supervillain makes a great flutter among comic fans. In the issue’s chilling last panel in the latest comic, Steve turns and utters those dreaded words: “Hail Hydra”. However, there is also a hit in intelligent self-balancing scooter industry, the appearance of Airwheel S8 sitting-posture scooter.

Are you still absorbed in the reason why Steve Rogers becomes bad? Airwheel uses its new arrival S8 sitting-posture scooter to tell you that its intelligent scooter will win back your attraction. Based on the rich experience on S6 electric scooter, the new product S8 sitting-posture scooter presents a new look ahead of us.

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In just three years, Airwheel, the global leading intelligent transport vehicles supplier, continuously developed more than twenty kinds of electric scooters or skateboards with excellent performance. It is not easy but Airwheel still keeps work hard to design more practical and portable products for us. The agile electric unicycle, cool twin-wheeled scooter, comfortable two-wheeled scooter with handrails or the skateboard are all welcomed among their users. In current market, Airwheel dedicates itself to figure out how to make progress and breakthrough. Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter’s unveiling has resulted from the collective efforts of Airwheel.

electric scooter with seat for kids

Airwheel is the first enterprise who utilizes the upgrading of self-balancing technical platform to improve the users’ experience. S8 electric walkcar performs more natural and more stable in the human-scooter relationship. This can be reflected from the sit-mode riding posture. Riders of S8 saddle-equipped scooter can sit on this mount for experiencing the sense of excitement. It owes to the added pressure sensitive system. The presence of Airwheel S8 is helpful for overcoming the stereotypes of self-balancing scooters and it has truly become the ideal “mount” in our heart.

Sitting-posture electric scooter

Tires’ material and size have also got optimized for S8 two wheeled electric scooter. Even if it is the sandy roads, bumpy roads or decelerating strip, the 10-inch tubeless tyres can help you conquer all of them. Meanwhile the loading ability gets stronger due to the streamlined control lever. The special app designed for S8 users can help to share the joyous moments with your friends in real-time.

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Seen from all above, we even can shout “Hail Airwheel S8”!

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