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Hakim Adjaoudi, A Dubai-Based Entrepreneur Plans To Launch Kjets’ Branch In Miami

DUBAI, UAE – NOVEMBER 2nd, 2022 – Hakim Adjaoudi, owner of Kjets, has over a hundred customers, most of whom are located in Europe and the Middle East (UAE). The headquarters of Kjets is located in Dubai, and now he is planning to establish a branch in Miami, in the United States, so that it can better serve its customers in that region. On top of his background in aviation business, he also runs a number of successful web-based enterprises. In addition to this, he maintains a sizable network over the whole of Canada, Europe, and the MENA area, which is where the majority of his clientele are located. 

Kjets provide a variety of fuel options, including JetA-1, TS1, JP8, AvGas, and more all over the world . They also offer a comprehensive selection of airplane fueling options. Whether it is the constantly shifting cost of gasoline, the many means of payment, or the difficulties of transporting fuel to the appropriate location, Kjets always prioritizes the wishes of the customer to give the highest possible level of service.

Kjets is an independently run business, which gives it the freedom to supply their customers with the most suitable aircraft and operators to fulfill their requirements. They have established connections with all of the key actors in the air charter sector, including airlines, control authorities, airports, handling agents, freight forwarders, and other relevant agencies, which have all proven to be mutually beneficial. This makes it possible for them to conduct any form of air charter operation in a timely and cost-effective way thanks to the availability of their aircraft.

The most recent data on aircraft availability and operational conditions, as well as a comprehensive database, are at the fingertips of their employees, allowing them to quickly and accurately match aircraft to client needs. Help with airport support and onboard Flight Managers is also available, in addition to fuel purchases, trip planning, permit applications, and other services.

About Kjets

In order to help business professionals make the most of their available time, Kjets provides airplane charter services. Kjets is delighted to lift the bar and go above and beyond the norm when it comes to providing luxury and business private jet charter services. They take great pleasure in providing a service that is of the highest possible standard. The company Kjets plans to dominate the extremely light jet market so that you may rent a private plane and fly anywhere in the globe in record time. If you need a private business aircraft for an upcoming meeting, this is the best option.

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