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High-Quality Skincare Products Reinvented By A Leader In Premium Cosmetics

L’Core Paris Cosmetics, a luxury cosmetics company and leader in the field of beauty and skincare products, proudly announces the reinvention of top quality skincare products that deliver impressive results. L’Core Paris is known around the world for offering effective non-surgical options to rejuvenate the skin and revitalize the complexion, resulting in younger and healthier looking skin.

With years of extensive scientific research, L’Core Paris’ innovative skincare products have been specially reformulated using all natural ingredients including precious gemstones. Skin care products and gems create harmony with each other that produces incredible benefits.

The L’Core 23k Gold Collection incorporates the precious metal gold into its formula. Gold is known for brightening the complexion, eliminating wrinkles, repairing sun damaged skin, and minimizing other visible signs of aging. The Gold Collection includes day and night creams, an eye serum, and a facial /neck mask that nourishes both the surface of the skin and deep tissues below.
Using the most precious of gemstones, the L’Core Crystalline Diamond Collection features the diamond, perhaps the most luxurious ingredient available. The Diamond Collection features a 60 Second Face Lift Cream that performs like a facelift in a bottle, resulting in firmer and more radiant skin. The collection also includes a wrinkle filler cream to plump up lines and fill creases.

The L’Core Emerald Collection showcases the high-energy precious stone emerald. These products include serums, creams, and masks that are infused with collagen and deliver a wide array of anti-aging benefits for the skin including improved elasticity, hydration of the skin, and reduced acne marks.
The L’Core Sapphire Collection provides clearer, smoother and younger looking skin. This collection’s products include a facial peel infused with powerful antioxidants that reveal a healthier layer of skin. The Sapphire Milk Cleanser effectively removes built up skin oils, makeup, and other skin impurities while retaining the natural balance of the skin.

L’Core Paris Cosmetics gemstone-based skincare products are a luxury in a bottle. With precious gems incorporated into high-quality skincare products, anyone’s skin will look radiant from within and gorgeous on the outside. L’Core’s cosmetic products are among the best cosmetics on the market today.
For more information about L’Core Paris Cosmetics and its exclusive line of gemstone-based skin care products, please visit the firm’s website at

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