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Indian Gifts Portal, the most reputed online gift store of India introduces a new logo that gives a peek in to revolutionary changes going on in its online presence and better than best services.

NOIDA – Indian Gifts Portal (, the leading online gift store of India proudly presents its new logo. The new logo reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

Since its inception in 2001, Indian Gifts Portal has been recognized and appreciated as the industry leader in online gifting owing to its supreme quality of gifts, stylish gift ideas and unbeatable delivery services.

Today, the company has a wide customer base that spreads across more than 90 countries of the world and has already delivered more than one million orders. With its hundred percent signature catalogue, has created waves in the online gifting market.

CEO of Indian Gift Portal, Rahul Garg gives the reason for changing logo, “In this ever-evolving world, the only constant thing is change. With every passing day, our behavior is changing, our choices are changing, our demands are changing and in turn, businesses are changing. The change in our logo is an acknowledgement of this evolution. It is also a lead indicator of a “massive” upcoming change in IGP’s products, services & platform.”

“Our new logo acknowledges and symbolizes a new world order – a world where technology reigns supreme, a world where old ways of life are not being replaced but reinvented, a world where machines are helping you discover happiness and fulfill your duty. Our new logo represents a gift box – a symbol that represents numerous gestures, countless emotions and 1000 words – created with alternate connected lines, a design that represents binary code when tilted. Together, they symbolize a Gift Discovery Platform – a platform that IGP is about to launch in a couple of months. It will be a “first of its kind” platform in India where the Machine will help you find that perfect gift for every occasion and every recipient,” says Rahul.

“Transformations that will accompany new logo will be spectacular. Just like our logo, we are re-inventing our whole organization. We have hired a whole lot of new people, we have invested in our physical and technology infrastructure, we have set our new ethos: Agile. Innovative. Consumer-centric. We are going through a massive restructuring and rebranding. We are changing our supply chain, production processes, fulfillment processes, systems and of course the website/platform. We will soon move to our new gift discovery platform from an e-commerce website and the whole backend system is being geared for the same. We believe our new platform has the potential to revolutionize the way gifting happens in India and we are preparing for that revolution,” beams Rahul excitedly.

Final Words:

Our new logo looks simple but accurately depicts a complex world where technology meets human values. The logo looks new-age but retains the age-old symbol of gifting – the gift box. Our new logo, in a way, represents our approach towards “Innovation” at IGP. Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean invention, as most of us naïve souls believe. Innovation is simply about doing things better and more efficiently. Innovation is about new simpler solutions to same old complex problems. All of us at IGP strive hard to be “innovative” in our approach to every problem/task that we handle every day – doesn’t matter how big or small. We strongly believe that behind every giant leap, there are a 1000 small innovations. Our new logo is the harbinger of that leap!

As our tagline goes, is a pro in delivering emotions worldwide.

About ( is India’s largest online gifting company. For 15 years, has been delivering happiness to its customers world-wide. We not only provide a highly curated collection and last-minute gifting facility to our customers, but also help them choose the right product for their loved ones. And with our focus on world class customer service and a delightful gifting experience, our customers have always come back to us, making it a truly rewarding journey for us.

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