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It’s Official! Face Painting Kit by Bo Buggles Delivers Fun, Quality, Value & More Fun, So Say Their Customers

Results of Over 400 Amazon Reviews Tells Its Own Story Announces Face Paint Manufacturer.

In a statement today by face painting kit manufacturer Bo Buggles, they announced that with over 400 Reviews by customers on Amazon and a 5 Stars rating, that their Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack was officially declared by its customer to be Fun, High Quality, Great Value and More Fun! Bo Buggles said it was extremely pleased with the reviews and their comments and said that both its party packs, which are available with either a Pink & Purple or Orange and Brown themes, have met all expectation since their launch at the beginning of the year.

With over 25% of all shopping now being done online, it is important to know what you are buying. When it comes to the biggest retailer on the planet these days,, one of the best tests of a product are its reviews by customers. We rely on them for information from our comrades in arms who have taken the plunge and have already used the product. Amazon itself is extremely strict on its sellers when it comes to the reviews that it publishes. Its terms and conditions stipulate that seller cannot pay someone to review a product and any buyer found to be posting bogus reviews will be eliminated from being able to do so. Amazon relies on the goodwill of its purchasing millions and does everything necessary to keep the integrity of its review system as honest as it can.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles commented, “Customer feedback is extremely important. It tells us if we are doing it right. The review system on Amazon is what has made it the leading force in retail compared to all that came before it and they guard it well. To have maintained a 5 Stars rating with over 400 reviews tells us and our future customers that they can expect to receive what our Amazon Page say. A great value, high quality face painting set that is safe for them and their children to use to have fun, fun and more fun!”

 The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack contains everything you need to host a party event for a child. There are two variations to choose from that help save time when mixing colors with a purple and pink pack and an orange and brown pack. The orange and brown pack does away with the mixing of colors for favourites like lion and tiger base colors. Each pack contains eight colors in total with 4g color palettes so there is more than enough paint for the party. The packs also contain 2 glitter palettes and 2 brushes, one large, one small as well as 2 application sponges.

Both The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Boys & Girls Ultimate Party Pack (Purple & Pink) and the new orange and brown variation pack are available to purchase exclusively on Amazon USA. Both packs contain  8 x 4g color palette plus two glitter palettes, 2 brushes and 2 sponges. For a limited time it may be possible to purchase both packs at a special discount price.

Bo Buggles is manufacturer and distributor of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack and the New Orange & Brown variation face painting party pack available exclusively on To read the 400 plus 5 star reviews please visit their page on Amazon at . For further information you may also go to their website at

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