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When a celebrity mysteriously disappears into the abyss, it’s natural for the world to clamour for the truth.

From world famous architects and pilots to actors and musicians.  

So, when mega successful ‘cosmic artist’Jack Armstrong” suddenly vanishes into a cloud of cosmic dust, at the height of his fame without turning a single head, we have to wonder why.

Like the 2001 Kevin Spacy movie blockbuster K-PAX – Jack Armstrong’s seemingly unrecognized and mysterious disappearance could be one of the strangest anomalies of modern times.  Did he just vanish into a beam of light?

Considered “The best American painter of today” Jack is celebrated by collectors and critics worldwide.  Wallmart’s “Alice Walton”, “Michael Polnareff” and Narendra Patel are all avid owners and followers of his work.  

Jack was a rebel, a rising star, founder of the cosmic extensionalism art movement, creator of the world’s most expensive Harley Davidson motorbike the “Cosmic Starship and “the last wizard” according to Andy Warholleading figure in the visual art movement.

With 3 published books to his belt, featuring his collection of 100 paintings, fetching between ($655,000 to $6.5 million) Jack was as wealthy as he was famous. A contemporary artist who defied and challenged traditions with his notorious attitude towards the art establishment.

His anti-dealer mentality, eccentric belief system and unique approach brought him closer to his collectors and created a frictionless economic environment boosting the value of his art.

With words infused with urgency Jack believed he had the power to create which was somehow tied to the stars and the cosmos, yet he was last seen in 2014.  He was accused of raping an unconscious woman, it was intimated that drugs were involved, which he denied.  He was bailed and successfully passed a lie detector test, no evidence of drugs were ever found.  He was awaiting trial. 

Since his last interview in the Middle East at the prestigious ‘Big Boy toys show’ in Abu Dhabi no new information, pictures, tweets or social media updates have been posted.  Neither family nor friends, not even former business partners ‘Star Global’ have come forward.  Sources also confirm he did not attend a scheduled court hearing,

Has Jack managed to channel his cosmic connections and beliefs in his own words ‘into the energy of trillions of galaxy’s and disappear into ‘a new dimension’ while the whole world continues, as if he never was. 

Is Jack Armstrong living a new life on some far away shore? What has happened to his paintings and is he still ALIVE?  

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