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John Elverson Delivers The Self-Portrait Of One Man’s Regimental Life In “To Serve The Russian Empire”

John Elverson Delivers The Self-Portrait Of One Man’s Regimental Life In "To Serve The Russian Empire"
Talented author and entrepreneur, John Elverson, chronicles the travails of a military officer against the backdrop of Russia’s fortunes in the book titled “To Serve The Russian Empire”

John Elverson is taking readers through a captivating story of action, suspense, and everything in between in the book titled To Serve The Russian Empire. Described as “the self-portrait of one man’s journey through life,” the book narrates the rollercoaster story of a military officer, schooling at two of the most prestigious boarding schools in St Petersburg and how he began working for royalty as one of two chamber pages to Princess Alix at her wedding to Tsar Nicholas II.

The world of literature continues to evolve thanks to the emergence of a plethora of writers and content creators across genres. However, John Elverson is looking to take the reading experience of millions of people across the globe a notch higher by using real-life situations to deliver captivating stories that virtually every category of reader can relate with. This phenomenon was again brought to bear in To Serve The Russian Empire.

The book looks at the intricacies involved in being a member of one of the strongest militaries in the world, looking at the feats achieved by Russia through the eyes of an officer. To Serve The Russian Empire touches on the First World War, the Kerensky Offensive and the Bolshevik takeover, giving readers a near-real experience.

To Serve The Russian Empire is currently available on Amazon as well as other major platforms in different formats for readers in different parts of the world.

About John Elverson

John Elverson is a Kenyan-born writer with a diverse upbringing, growing up in England, Malaya, Singapore, and Germany before his father retired to a small East Devon Farm. He was educated at Cheltenham College and Reading University, studying agriculture and eventually working on a beef cattle ranch and subsequently for a London software company and General Electric. John also co-founded and later sold a stake in his own company.

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