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JustChinaIt – The Best China Sourcing Agent

The top China sourcing company that turns orders into whooping profits

With over 11 years of experience in the industry, JustChinaIt is excited to announce its sourcing agency designed to grow businesses with import products from China. With sourcing agent experts on the team, the company helps several businesses decrease importation costs, warehouse charges, and shipping freight, increasing their profits in the long run. The company has been named the Best China Sourcing Agent six times in Shenzhen and has successfully done over 100,000 sourcing for businesses.

As the best freight forwarder in China, it combines its suppliers’ database and sourcing agent experts to keep businesses ahead of their competitors. It provides quality services, gets the best suppliers, and offers delivery services that are safe and rapid. The company uniquely stands out from other sourcing companies in the industry in that it has a 78% Repeat Purchase Rate among other sourcing companies in China with its China sourcing, wholesale, warehouse, and shipping services. It guarantees 100% China trading quality, a clear and concise growth rate, and customer satisfaction. Through the company, it is much easier for clients to access and get products from the best China wholesale suppliers.

With over 300 customer reviews, the company prides itself on following top exporting trends to keep its services afloat. It monitors and tracks its progress and measures the project’s success by the impact of new and emerging ideas on business objectives. It has successfully worked for 900 clients to achieve their business goals and partnered with industry leaders such as Alibaba, Amazon, and China Reading.

“We’ve been purchasing and exporting since 2010. We keep following the latest and biggest exporting trends but measure the success of any project by how well the new ideas impact business goals. We’ve served over 900 clients that drive growth. Too many China sourcing agencies make importing products from China a nightmare. Not us. Our dedicated team constantly develops new solutions to make everything easier for our customers. As we try to be the best freight forwarder in China, we’ve engineered a best-in-class Supply Chain management service to turn orders into profit with one-stop China sourcing and shipping service,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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