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Leading Custom Label Manufacturer Wunderlabel Announces New Review System For Website

“Wunderlabel is the world’s premiere online source for custom label sources, and has recently announced the addition of a new review system to its website.”

Wunderlabel, the world’s fastest growing custom labeler, announces that visitors to its website now have the ability to rate and review purchases they have made.

Wunderlabel, the world’s premiere online source for custom label solutions, recently announced the addition of a new ratings and reviews system to their website.

Visitors to now have the opportunity to review any of the products they have purchased from the company, from woven labels to hang tags to gift ribbons and beyond. Wunderlabel’s superior product quality, fast shipping times, and friendly customer service have contributed to fast growth since its inception, and the company’s new ratings and review system offers customers more opportunities to share their feedback with the company and other website visitors.
“Transparency and an openness to feedback are essential characteristics of good business in 2016. This is especially true when it comes to the custom label industry, as our customer base of artists, crafters, and designers rely on us to deliver a product that consistently represents their brand in the best light possible,” says Wunderlabel CEO Philip Linde.

Wunderlabel’s innovative review system uses a verification method that designates those who have bought a product from the Wunderlabel website and leave a review as Verified Buyers. A customer who doesn’t verify a past purchase but does verify their identity by linking to a social profile is designated a Verified Reviewer. Those who leave a review without confirming a purchase from Wunderlabel or linking to a social profile are designated Anonymous Reviewers.

This labeling system of reviewers allows website visitors to more effectively weigh the reviews they are reading. As on a site like, a review from a Verified Buyer would generally hold more weight than one from an Anonymous Reviewer, and this new labeling system helps website visitors to better understand the reviews they are reading. Some of the Wunderlabel staff’s favorite reviews are featured on its Facebook page, which is growing quickly into a hub for crafters and creatives to discuss their art.

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