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Leading the Digital Transformation: The Distinguished Emergence of ZKONG Sparkle Digital Signage

Recently, the fresh produce section at Yinchuan LeHuiDuo Supermarket witnessed a digital transformation, adopting ZKONG Sparkle Digital Signage in place of traditional price tags and information boards, to create a dual benefit of enhanced operational efficiency and improved consumer experience.


In today’s digital era, the supermarket fresh produce sections are undergoing a revolution. The swift technological advancements are significantly impacting consumer shopping habits, and the digital signage’s deployment in the fresh produce sections plays a pivotal role in enhancing the shopping experience. The Sparkle Digital Signage stands out with its superior performance. Employing modern and efficient LCD screens to display fresh product information and prices, it offers a more convenient, accurate, and environmentally friendly service and experience for both supermarket operators and consumers.

Real-time Updates

The Sparkle Digital Signage, often referred to as the Sparkle Single/Double-Sided Electronic shelf labels, is a part of the comprehensive cloud-based electronic shelf label system. Powered by the SaaS cloud management system, these electronic shelf labels feature real-time information update capabilities, easily realizing one-click price changes, effectively solving the laboriousness and time consumption of manual tag replacement.

Due to market trends and the freshness of produce affecting product categories and prices, employees traditionally needed to manually alter or stick new paper tags whenever a new product was shelved or when product prices fluctuated. This process was not only time-consuming and strenuous but also prone to errors.

The Sparkle electronic shelf labels make information updates more convenient, swiftly addressing product price changes, reducing the time and effort needed for manual price tag replacements. Be it price adjustments or new product shelving, store staff can make real-time information changes on the cloud platform accessible from both computers and mobile devices. They can also preset multiple display pages for automatic updates, greatly increasing work efficiency, and allowing for flexible pricing and real-time promotions.

Rich Information

Apart from basic product name and price, the Sparkle electronic shelf labels can also display detailed product information like nutritional content, origin, production date, traceability information, etc. They can also display product videos, usage methods, cooking demonstrations, etc., helping and encouraging consumers to make more informed and wiser purchasing decisions, enhancing their shopping experience.


Compared to static price tags, the Sparkle series supports video format material display, and dynamic product images and promotional information can better attract consumers’ attention, enhancing product visibility and appeal, thereby boosting sales. The double-sided screen electronic shelf labels can display different information on two screens simultaneously, bringing vibrant marketing ideas to life.

Eco-friendly Efficiency

Using the Sparkle Digital Signage in place of paper tags for price and information updates significantly reduces paper use, making a substantial contribution to environmental protection. While the initial investment cost for the single/double-sided electronic shelf labels may be relatively high, in the long run, the saved human and material resources, along with the sales growth, will more than compensate for this expense.

Moreover, the SaaS cloud platform can integrate with all the store’s platforms through third-party interfaces, forming a closed data loop for retail stores, supply chains, and online apps, facilitating data synchronization, collection, and analysis across all channels. This seamless data integration will significantly improve data management efficiency, helping retailers better understand consumer needs for precision marketing.

In conclusion, the use of Sparkle Digital Signage in the fresh produce sections of supermarkets is undoubtedly an innovative blend of technology and shopping experience, enhancing the supermarket brand’s recognition and positively influencing consumer brand loyalty. Moreover, managing product information electronically improves supermarket operational efficiency, freeing up employees’ time and energy, allowing them to focus more on providing quality customer service, enhancing the supermarket’s overall competitiveness. Looking ahead, Sparkle will continue to expand the application boundaries of electronic shelf labels, leading the path of digital store innovation transformation.

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