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LearningCog Launches Their Advanced Leadership Management and Development Training Globally

Leading independent training and development consultancy, LearningCog, continues to expand their reach to serve more clients across industries in different parts of the world

Studies have revealed that organizations that pay attention to and prioritise leadership development training get more from their workforce, as it gives a sense of belonging to employees while improving their soft skills. However, getting quality leadership development programmes can sometimes be a daunting task due to charges from consultancies, which is where LearningCog has been phenomenal over the years.

LearningCog aims to help organisations get the best from their business managers, making them not just employees but positive influence on their team members and advocates of the brand. The consultancy offers leadership and management programmes for medium businesses and large corporations, irrespective of industry or nature of operation. Ric Hayden and his team have continued to show their expertise in Management and Leadership Development, Sales Development, Business Performance, Coaching and Team Building.

The custom leadership management training from LearningCog aims to help organisations develop their talent, making managers, leaders, and salespeople drivers of business growth. The consultancy has continued to enjoy amazing reviews from clients across industries for the comprehensiveness and quality of service delivery. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the leadership program. Ric helped to deliver digestable information that can be easily implemented on a personal and team level and really drive value back to the business. the programme was well crafted into manageable sized chunks. it has personally helped me with guiding my team and helping progress them to the next level. also has identified in high level detail my own personal strengths and weaknesses giving me solid foundations to work on.” – Kelly Byrne, Head of International Marketing,

For further information about LearningCog and the range of services offered, visit – LearningCog can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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