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Locus Habitat is redefining office décor with its topnotch VIP private whisky lounge for offices

Locus Habitat is a Singapore-based taste-maker, leather connoisseur, and curator of artisanal products designed to breath character and life to its client’s space. The brand has the unique advantage of being the only leather connoisseur boutique in Singapore, and is proving to be an answer to several of the questions posed to the home and office décor niche in recent times.

Locus Habitat’s services includes handcrafted leather, first rate Chesterfield Sofas, superior US original tanned leather, topnotch private whisky lounge, blue-chip at home Director’s Room, first-class Bison sofas, among other eye-catching furniture and home decor.

The company is currently redefining office furniture with its topnotch private whisky lounge for offices. This day, every office is mostly built with a reception, staff lounge, but seldom lack a personal corner for top level meeting. Other than the meeting room, it’s much easier to have a conversation when everyone feels more relaxed, with some refreshing glasses of whisky at hand, and the reassuring sight of more bottles on the shelves.

With Locus Habitat’s VIP whisky lounge right at the heart of the office, top management staff and directors will have a befitting corner to gather for sensitive executive meetings. Important meetings like that are known to take hours, sometimes, even extending deep into the night and Locus Habitat’s VIP whisky lounge is a perfect fit to provide comfort and enabling environment.

Locus Habitat uses the finest full grain tanned leather for its VIP whisky lounges. The company’s full grain leathers are natural, with the purest touch one can get from leather. As comparison to mass market embossed grain leather, the area user touches are synthetic, not to mention about chemical allergies for sensitive skin. Full grain tanned leather feels more relaxed over time, doesn’t trap heat and aged well with patina. From formal classic smooth and shiny leather to matt casual loft texture, the natural tanned leather evokes the VIP whisky lounge with natural leather scent.

”Many seller online will resort to photoshop and filters to alter mass market embossed grain leather to make them look like full grain” said a company executive. ”At Locus Habitat, the physical piece will be better than what you seen on photos”, he declared.

Clients who have done business with Locus Habitat have nothing but praise for the company. ”Our VIP whisky lounge has arrived and its exactly what I was hoping for! The leather is the finest I’ve ever seen. It oozes of quality and splendour. My associates and business partners are in love with it and have made enquiries to the brand. Thank you very much and especially for arranging the evening delivery. The service is very much appreciated!” Justin, CEO Polid Group.

To take an indepth look at the fascinating full grain leather products of Locus Habitat, check out the company’s website at

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