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Magline New CooLift with Propulsion Assist Ideal for Distribution Solution

Magline, manufacturer of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, introduced the new CooLift with Propulsion Assist. The propulsion assistance is able to push a loads over rough terrain, inclines or thresholds in forward or reverse with speeds up to 2 mph. The 3/4 horsepower drive design is engineered for free-wheeling ease when propulsion is not needed as well as 360-degree maneuverability. The CooLift with Propulsion Assist includes a 3-point deck support ensuring pallet stability.

Other helpful features that make the CooLift with Propulsion Assist ideal for the soft drink and beer industries include:

  • Throttle interlock button minimizes accidental activation of propulsion system
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Separate propulsion system power isolates lift-only system for in-store use
  • Toolless back panel is easily removed for maintenance
  • Enclosed system protects components from outside elements and debris
  • Chain driven, twin lead screws for stable lifting
  • Quiet operation during lifting and lowering
  • Fully electric system
  • Microprocessor control system with encoder feedback

To order directly from the Magline website, use this link:

About Magline:

Magline, Inc. is committed to creating innovative solutions that help people transport materials more safely and efficiently. For nearly seven decades, this commitment translates to creating exceptional products and service experience earning long-term customer loyalty. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift® Delivery System and the new LiftPlus™ technology, designs solutions to help companies move more product in less time, safely.

Magline understands the unique material handling requirements of product movement and remains at the forefront of designing aluminum equipment worldwide.  Some customers wish to access the strong dealer base for implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and lean time-saving delivery solutions. Others wish to order directly from the company website, with most products delivered in days.

Dynamic leadership ensures the Michigan-based manufacturer is consistently introducing innovative products and services, driven by customer needs and industry insights. Magline’s industry knowledge and expertise has evolved into a compelling customer value proposition.

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