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Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation in San Diego, CA, Publishes Important Information About Placenta Pills

New information highlights some of the most frequently asked questions about placenta pills.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – SEP 5, 2022 – Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation has published important information regarding placenta pills. Placenta capsules have been found to contain a wealth of nutrients and minerals including iron, which can help energy levels after giving birth. 

Placenta encapsulation stems from the ingestion of placental tissue after birth, a strategy that many moms use for increasing energy levels, managing hormones, and restoring balance to their bodies after being pregnant and giving birth. The practice of placental encapsulation is on the rise, and many moms-to-be have questions about how it works. Meriah Davis, founder of Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation in San Diego CA, has just published a series of frequently asked questions with answers to help expectant moms make the best decision possible for themselves and their babies. 

Whether they choose her service or not, Davis hopes this information helps moms make informed decisions. 

This newly published information offers information about receiving placental tissue back from hospitals in San Diego (all hospitals do allow moms to take healthy placental tissue home with them), when placental encapsulation is safe, and when it’s not, the appropriate time frame for encapsulation, storage recommendations, and more. All of this information is available to the public at

Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation Service San Diego California has become a trusted resource for moms in the county. Davis, a former birth doula, is an IPPA, bloodborne pathogen, and infection control certified placenta encapsulation specialist who offers a wealth of support for new moms. She is passionate about helping moms make informed decisions and wants to see a world in which “society allows and encourages mothers to feel good resting, healing, bonding, and enjoying their postpartum period”. 

Her services are aimed to foster this principle, starting with moms. Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation is highly rated for flat-rate services that include not only dehydration, grinding, and encapsulation but also pick-up and drop-off services, 24-48 turnaround time, phone support during pregnancy and after delivery, placenta tincture, perispray, an umbilical cord keepsake, and more. Her services have been trusted by many local moms, who have left rave reviews on sites such as Yelp.

“Meriah was so amazing and easy to work with, we had the placenta encapsulation done and got a few more goodies with our bundle that I absolutely love. She was easy to communicate with and fast to pick up from the hospital! the day I returned home from the hospital I had my supply of capsules ready for me,” said one recent client.  

Although the ingestion of placental tissue has happened throughout history, its encapsulation has recently risen in popularity. Moms choose placental encapsulation for its ease and convenience, as well as for traditional benefits including combating fatigue, stabilizing hormones, replenishing postnatal iron levels, and more. 

Davis is committed to supporting moms, which is why she decided to make so much information available to the public via her website. This newly published information answers some of the most frequently answered questions about placental encapsulation, ranging from safe handling suggestions to the method Davis uses for processing placental tissue. 


Mama Love Placenta Services in San Diego CA is a professional service owned by former birth doula and current Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Meriah Davis. Services include placenta capsules, pick up/drop off, 24-48 hour turnaround time, and phone support during pregnancy and post-birth.

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