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March Madness infestations are here pick wisely the help of a pest control services

“An experienced pest control company should be able to look at this picture and determine what type of pest this is, where it is mostly likely to be and what caused it to get there.

A visual inspection by a professional exterminator is the best way”

A good pest control exterminator:is skilled at identifying pest,provides a detailed inspection report,is knowledgeable about construction and home building,understands local and state pest control ordinances,knows which pest control products are EPA approved.

Household pests, such as Mice, Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, fleas, ants, wood-destroying beetles and stored product pests, are some of the common insect pests encountered in living spaces. Although most are considered to be a nuisance, some can cause serious damage to properties. Professional pest control services are popular in urban areas. Many of the professional pest control services offer year-round comprehensive pest control packages to control insects, and vertebrate pests.

Some of these insect pests are seasonal, yet some take no time off and require a year-round pest control program. There are certain pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, Bed bugs, Rats that homeowners should not attempt to treat by themselves. A professional who is trained and possesses the skills, equipment and proper pesticides is the logical choice.

Home and commercial business owners contract the services of a pest control company to take care of pest problems. All pest control operators who commercially apply any pesticide, certified and licensed by the state of washington. These pest exterminators are required by law to pass qualifying exams that test for knowledge and competence to maintain certification status. All commercial pest control applicators are required to attend educational programs on a continual basis.

Homeowners who choose professional pest control services need to be able to make informed decisions on deciding whom to contract for treatment of the properties. Choosing a pest control service is generally based upon two major factors: first, the effectiveness of the company’s pest management programs, and second, the satisfaction level provided by the company’s customer service. The yellow pages is a internet directory that lists many companies under “pest control services”. The purpose of the directory is to provide information on how to make an informed decision on selecting a professional pest control service. Homeowners occasionally require the service of a professional pesticide applicator. Pest control professionals make treatment decisions based on whether pests are present.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s pest control service 

A referral from a neighbor or relative is better than any sales pitch that a company salesperson will provide. Keep in mind that pesticides are not silver bullets, and the pest control professional will take certain measures to implement a complete pest removal and exterminaton plan which requires homeowner’s cooperation for maximum pest control effectiveness. Although pest control services does not exclude pesticides, it does include methods such as sanitation, exclusion, other pest management products and proper cultural control practices. When indoor pests are a problem, sanitation will go a long way in improving the chances of maximum effectiveness of control.

Exclusion is an easy-to-use method and simply refers to keeping pests outside of the home or building. Repair window screens and doors and seal exposed cracks to prevent easy entrances for many types of pests.

There are other pest management products that are available from retail centers for homeowners. Various attractants, pheromones, repellents, glue boards and traps may be practical in some situations. When using any pesticide product, be sure to read and follow the label directions

The same may be said for checking into the effectiveness of the company’s control plan ask around. Ask why neighbors or friends selected a certain company and if they have had negative experiences with other companies. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any outstanding claims against the company.

In most cases, making a choice of companies and customer satisfaction is a matter of personal preference. A homeowner should take into account the following considerations as well. Will chemical sensitivity be an issue for any of the family members? If so, there may be alternatives, such as organic products, that a company has to control the pest without using traditional chemical pesticides. Be realistic of the expectations because organic products have limitations in the pest control industry. Don’t believe exaggerated claims about these products or any other line of products; if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  Some pest control companies will have varying types of contracts; they may offer year-round, regular visits; others may require to contact the company when a pest outbreak occurs. 

Consider the following factors when choosing a professional pest control company:

Do they appear neat and act in a professional manner?
The appointment for an initial consultation, was the pest exterminator on time?
Are they able to answer questions in a satisfactory manner?
Do their vehicles and equipment appear clean, neat and in good working order?

Get several bids. Remember to get several bids to compare prices, services offered and terms of the contract. The lowest price is not necessarily the best deal; pay for quality service that is effective. Any pest control service should provide a detailed inspection of the property. pest control services often structure their prices on the size of the area to be treated. Does the pest control company’s measured area accurately reflect the true area? Some companies will purposefully underestimate the area in an attempt to undercut a competitor. Such practices may lead to application of inadequate materials and sloppy service.

Check references. Any reputable professional pest control service will have references available. Don’t assume; ask them.

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