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Minerva Labs named winner 2 Global InfoSec Awards 2022 for Ransomware Protection and Browser Isolation

Minerva Labs named winner 2 Global InfoSec Awards 2022 for Ransomware Protection and Browser Isolation
“Cyber Defense Magazine’s recognition is a testament to Minerva Labs’ market leadership in the ransomware protection space” said Eddy Bobritsky, CEO, Minerva Labs. “We’re thrilled and humbled by this award, and I am extremenly proud of our team’s commitment to keeping our customers safe from ransomware.”

PETACH TIKVA, Israel – June 14th, 2022 – Minerva Labs, the world’s first pure ransomware prevention platform, announced today that it has been awarded with “Most Comprehensive Browser Isolation” and “Publisher’s Choice Ransomless Ransomware Protection” awards in the coveted Global InfoSec Awards 2022 at RSA 2022.

Minerva Labs prevents ransomware before it even starts, and works seamlessly alongside existing EDR/EPP/XDR solutions to ensure that organizations never need to pay ransom.

About Minerva Labs

Minerva is the industry’s first solution dedicated to mitigating the risks associated with Ransomware, co-existing with existing EDR/EPP/XDR solutions without causing any degradation to the endpoints.

Ransomware has become the single most destructive threat in the industry today.
In 2021 a ransomware attack occurred every 11 seconds, costing the industry over $20 Billion.
80% of ransomware victims in 2021 had up-to-date EDRs installed

  • Existing EDRs are not enough. They are built to detect the malicious activity first, and only then to respond.
  • Ransomware needs to infect as many systems in the network before detonating. The more it infects, the higher the ransom demand can be

Minerva Armor is built to defeat Ransomware before it can do any damage

  • Prevents both known and unknown ransomware without even needing to detect it
  • Stops ransomware before it can execute, through proprietary anti-evasion techniques which turn ransomware’s security bypass mechanisms against themselves.
  • Protects your EDR agent from being abused
  • Reduces EDR alerts that you need to respond to by up to 80%

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