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Moonable Announces Public Launch with a Goal of Removing Financial Boundaries for Businesses

Moonable was created as a financial institute and an international banking system that makes it easier for its users to establish their business and make online transactions.

Moonable, a software development and fintech company with an aim of providing a sophisticated solution to businesses in making online transactions, is launching publically to finish the problem of global transactions being not enough interoperable with multiple instruments including crypto and very complex due to the involvement of multiple factors like currencies and country monetary policies. Moonable aims to help individuals establish their business internationally with ease.

A Solution to Fintech and Financial Services

Moonable has dedicated to building solutions for the Fintech and Financial Services ecosystems. Designed a mechanism for removing financial barriers between countries, societies, and businesses by establishing a gateway through multiple instruments designed for entrepreneurs, investors, and ex-pats.

Moonable has multiple services that make it unique and differentiate it from other fintech platforms.

  • Transfers & Batch Payments: Moonable has made it easier for people to make single and batch payments that are paying one or multiple recipients, instead of doing individual transactions. One can manually make a batch payment by adding employees and vendors one by one. 

  • Multiple Account: Moonable allows its user to control all their business through a single click. Users can make multiple business accounts under a single private account. This allows them to switch their business rapidly, transfer money between them and help them save time. All the businesses can be linked by using a single email. Proper management of the business can help it grow and develop.

  • Cryptocurrency Conversion: Moonable allows to rapidly receive FIAT and convert it into cryptocurrencies allowing consumers and businesses to make transactions faster across multiple countries. 

  • SaaS: Moonable has the goal to expand and enhance financial services across the world, unbanked societies and countries. While in LATAM and Africa fintech expansion is taking a lot of traction, these can benefit their communities by using our white label solution.

  • Tokenization: Moonable designed a framework that adapts to the tokenization industry, in these recent months NFTs have produced a significant effect on the way how assets can be sold transparently improving property ownership. By using our technology NFTs creators and businesses in the real state sector, and financial sector, among others can reduce up to 50% of their technology costs at the time of executing their projects. 

Mission and Aims

The traditional banking system makes global transactions unnecessarily complex due to currency conversion and lengthy wait times. Cryptocurrencies have gained public and regulatory acceptance, yet financial institutions have been resistant to accept this new mode of finance. A platform like Moonable establishes a combined legal, software, and effective framework that aims to empower both public and private institutions. Its mission is to establish an international financial platform that makes international transactions of multiple currencies simple. They also aim to offer financial instruments that serve everyone in their community and help them establish their business.

Moonable – The Financial Platform for Digital Nomads

Moonable acts as a simplified platform that has access to EUR and GBP accounts. Every user can operate the account as an individual or as a business. The application provides the best rates across Europe. It also provides access to European IBAN, SEPA transfers, and international payments. The account is designed with security measures such as biometric authorization, multi-factor authentication, and tracking of all transactions made. At the end of each month, a consolidated bank statement is generated automatically. The statement is available in PDF, CSV, and XLS which makes it very accountant friendly. To help entrepreneurs provide a source of funds, an institutional letter can be generated from their account summarizing the accounts and since when is a customer of us. A full section to manage contacts is provided by Moonable. Even if the user has multiple accounts using multiple currencies the contact management has been made to easily add, edit and delete them.


Moonable has an insightful vision and aims to do even better in the future. According to their road map in the next 4 to 5 years they want to achieve a lot of milestones. They want to secure IBAN accounts of EUR and GBP, increase customer base in Spain and Baltic states, implement debit cards for individuals, focus on Italy, France, and Portugal, expand in the markets of the USA and Australia, create a Launchpad, and focus on LATAM & Africa open bank expansion.


Marco Pirrongelli and Giordano Lugo are the founders and managing directors of Moonable along with other individuals. The team believed that technology would advance after the 2008 financial crisis since the world needed a healthy ecosystem. They created the tools to build the ecosystem using their Moonable project.

Further details about Moonable can be found on the project’s official website and pitch deck.

About Moonable

Moonable is a software development company dedicated to enable the removal of financial boundaries between countries, societies and businesses by establishing a fully integrated bank solution designed for entrepreneurs, investors and ex-pats.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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