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New novel “Name of Honor” by Brady Miller is released, the first book of a fantasy adventure trilogy that examines choices, consequences, and the complex nuances of good and evil

New novel "Name of Honor" by Brady Miller is released, the first book of a fantasy adventure trilogy that examines choices, consequences, and the complex nuances of good and evil

“Name of Honor: Wind Stone Fire Trilogy – Book One” by Brady Miller has been released worldwide. This 587-page novel is the first in a trilogy. Name of Honor follows Redwing, a young man chased from his home and pulled away from his brother. Recovering from a brutal war, previously mishandled under the rule of a child prince, the Kingdom of Aroche has lost its way. Redwing faces difficult decisions and unforeseen dangers in his quest to reunite with his brother – the only family he has left. 

With a rich cast of characters and a setting plagued by dire circumstances, the novel is a tapestry of cause and effect, drawing readers into an intriguing web of dynamic morality and tough choices. The protagonist is driven by honor, but as he’s swept up in a growing resistance to the prince’s rule, Redwing must consider if the cause is worth compromising his ethics – and whether it’s pulling him away from his ultimate goal of reuniting with his brother. 

The author dives deep into Redwing’s motivations and internal experiences, bringing the reluctant hero through stages of development as he grows and evolves. Striving to defy the stereotypes and cliches he encountered in reading hundreds of novels over this lifetime, yet also staying true to the powerful elements of the fantasy genre, Miller brings complexity and nuance to the epic events of the story. While the setting looms large throughout the story, the novel is ultimately about personal struggle, growth, and perseverance. 

Perfect for young adult readers and fantasy lovers of all ages, this adventurous, captivating novel sets the stage for the rest of the Wind Stone Fire Trilogy as it raises thought-provoking questions and pits characters against incredible challenges. 

Name of Honor (ISBN: 9798987799406) can be purchased through Amazon. The paperback retails for $18.00 and the ebook retails for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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From the back cover:

Times are hard within the Kingdom of Aroche. A brutal war has decimated the land. The king, mad with grief over his vanished wife, searched the kingdom for any sign that she yet lived. It was a hopeless quest. In time, the king fell to madness and despair. With his parents’ absence, the last of their line, a young child, is goaded into action and makes a foolish decision that threatens the continuity of the crown.

Now confined to his keep in the wake of an egregious command, others rule in the prince’s stead. Yet the Royal Guard still oversees much of what happens within The City. Taxes are high. Corruption spreads. Personal honor, the foundation of the Kingdom, is eschewed by many. Who will challenge this? Is it too late to change?

In the Workers Quarter, a young man is chased from his home. Madmen set fire to ancient wood as they hunt for those they have been ordered to seize. The young man’s only family, his brother, fights desperately to allow his safe escape. Flying into the surrounding forest for refuge, Redwing waits for his brother to rejoin him. They can face anything, if they are together. If only they can find each other once again.

This is the first book in the Wind Stone Fire trilogy.

About the author:

Born in England, moved to the USA at nine years of age. Between moving between countries and states, books were a constant. After earning an English Degree at Washington State University, I taught in Asia for eight years before returning to Washington to write Name of Honor. I am married to a teacher and care for an elderly tuxedo cat.

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