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New Website Speaks Of Spiritual Evolution for A Positive Life Amidst Chaos

New website Values Of A Spiritual Mind launches online to teach the importance of spiritual fruit which will help people to combat the spiritual assault happening worldwide today to lead a positive and steady life.

Circleville, Ohio – 29th March, 2016 – For those struggling hard to find a balance in life amidst challenges, threats & disappointments, can finally heave a sigh of relief. Values Of A Spiritual Mind has reportedly arrived online assuring to help with spiritual evolution for a positive life in the midst of chaos and depression.

“We are glad to announce the launch of our new website that is meant to help the strugglers with a positive guidance in life. The guidance would be achieved through the application of spiritual knowledge to combat the spiritual assault rampant worldwide today,” stated the founder behind Values Of A Spiritual Mind.

With more than 180 essays, Values Of A Spiritual Mind takes the visitors across an insightful journey covering several aspects of life- such as spirituality, ethics, inspirational, values, society & deity. The essays are composed by folks who have personally embraced serious challenges in life but had this courage to fight back and ultimately lead a positive life.

“This website is to help all of you understand the tactics of tyranny or chaos & how to ensure the desired stability even in such adversarial circumstances. It teaches you spiritual evolution without the religious icons or doctrines. I and many others were suffering from spiritual assault that hindered a constructive lifestyle & when frustration & anger seemed to be the sole option – we discovered that we can actually defeat the negativity through tolerance & optimism. We wish to pass on that realization to all through this new website.”

Starting mostly with nursery rhymes as allegories, the essays on the website have sought to relate real life situations with rhyme characters or elements. In the latest essay “This Little Piggy”, the author has sketched a portrait of the hostile social situation of Britain back in 1728 where “piggy” represents the victims of such oppression. In another essay “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,” the author puts metaphorical emphasis on a situation involving many people struggling due to inadequate spiritual nutrition.

“When we see ourselves in some group situation with many people and where you have inadequate spiritual nutrition, harsh responses are common. But such negativity cannot bring fruitfulness which is only achieved through perseverance, self-control and patience- that will guide us with the needed strength to fight pessimism & would also prevent us from behaving harsh to good people,” explained the chief spokesperson from the website.

The new website emphasizes on the importance of being a turtle and not a rabbit as the former is slow yet steady & focused on his reward ahead while the latter is fast yet weaves back & forth without focus. The focus is achieved through a life of moist and soft tenderness of spiritual fruit.

“Even if you are sad or disappointed right now, we believe our new website, with its enriched spiritual essays, would be able to make you happy & shower you with ample love needed to heal our world.”

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