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Noahswap Shines at Coinstore Launch, Offering Innovative Solutions for Non-Performing Assets

On the 12th of September, Coinstore held a grand brand launch event in Singapore, attracting top talents and professional investors from around the world. With online viewers exceeding 90,000, Noahswap made an appearance at the event and garnered significant attention.

Ms Joey Cheah, Noahswap’s Chief Operating Officer, took center stage to explain about Noahswap’s mission, core philosophies and ecosystem, offering global investors and industry experts a deeper insight into this trailblazing project.

Noahswap: Leading the Way in Resolving Non-Performing Assets

Diving into the nuances, Ms Joey outlined the challenges posed by non-performing assets prevalent in both traditional and crypto finance sectors. Emphasizing their crucial role in maintaining financial stability, she also pointed out the glaring absence of effective remedies in the crypto space — a void that Noahswap is poised to fill.

Positioning itself as the world’s first non-performing assets mining and staking platform, Noahswap’s vision is clear: turn ‘distressed’ into ‘desirable.’ This transformation ensures that users not only secure their investments but thrive. Joey gave attendees a walkthrough of the platform’s innovative strategies, particularly the creation of NUSD through liquidity pool. This ingenious approach allows users to morph non-performing assets into the liquidity pool, utilizing a value-multiplier to maximize returns.

As close collaborators, Noahswap previously partnered with Coinstore’s centralized exchange to launch the platform token NOAH’s IEO campaign, which was a massive success. This event reflected the market’s strong endorsement and support for the Noahswap project, further accelerating its development and providing more people with the opportunity to participate in the Noahswap ecosystem. Simultaneously, Coinstore has broadened Noahswap’s market influence, introducing new possibilities for innovation in the crypto finance sector.

Next Plan: Global Partnership Program

At the launch event, Ms Joey Cheah announced Noahswap’s global partnership program, with plans to collaborate with over 50 crypto finance platforms in the upcoming months to further optimize its products and services.This strategic partnership is designed to augment Noahswap’s opportunities and extend its market reach, ensuring a more inclusive beneficiary circle.

Noahswap’s mission is not only to become a leading digital finance platform but also to infuse the entire cryptocurrency market with greater value and vitality. With their relentless effort and innovation, Noahswap believes in realizing this grand vision.

In its quest for expansive growth and fostering closer industry ties, Noahswap will mark its presence at the TOKEN2049 event from 13 – 14 September 2023, eagerly anticipating interactions with attendees.

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